Supporting KRAS research
with GOSTAR data

Supporting KRAS research with GOSTAR data

Our client’s requirement

Our client is a large US biopharmaceutical company engaged in KRAS research. A foundational phase of its R&D activity involves collecting information on existing patents related to KRAS and data on all associated structures and activities. KRAS has become an increasingly popular research area. Thousands of patents are published every year relating to KRAS, and the number of research groups studying KRAS is steadily increasing.

The client wanted to keep an up-to-date internal repository of data from patents so they could compare the uniqueness of their solution over competitors and quickly identify avenues of opportunity. But collecting, reviewing, and extracting data from such an extensive collection demands a significant investment of time and resources.

Our approach

With over 60 PhDs in our data curation team, we have the domain expertise required to identify the relevant literature, extract the appropriate data, and deliver it in a standardized, analysis-ready format.

Our curation process includes three stages of data extraction: manual curation, review, and quality control. With our combination of scientific expertise and technical excellence, we were able to collate, prepare and deliver the client’s data set in an exceptionally short time. The manually extracted data included exemplified chemical structures and associated experiments, reported for a variety of assays. With our assistance, the client was able to swiftly proceed with the ongoing research program, avoiding the bottleneck of the data collection phase.