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Data can tell incredible stories. Our comprehensive bioinformatics solutions, data science and visualization services extract the story from the noise of big data.


We work at the interface of science and technology, providing custom bioinformatics services for early R&D, translational, and clinical research.

Data alone can’t provide insights. You need more than just data. You need technology expertise going hand in hand with domain expertise. This is where Excelra comes in.

Data science

Our data scientists are committed to improving efficiencies and simplifying the data analysis process. They help life scientists effectively select, interact with, and introduce new candidates to the clinical pipeline.

We provide data science services that accelerate the therapeutic target identification of promising compounds.


Effective data visualization helps you to make sense of the trillions of rows of data generated every day. We build dashboards and platforms that tell you a story, removing the noise from data, highlighting useful information, trends, and outliers.

So you can make data driven decisions quickly and confidently.

Why Excelra

Collaboration and cooperation

We combine curation, structuring, analysis, and data science to meet your objectives.

Data-driven design

Our domain experts leverage the latest visualization stack to design and build custom dashboards that can illuminate the insights you need for your research.

Led by science, driven by data

We are a young agile team of domain experts and technology innovators who can unlock the potential of data to accelerate discovery.

Ready to get more from data?

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