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Can You Develop a Faster COVID-19 Test?

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10M+ Chemical Structures in GOSTAR®

Major Milestone in Drug Discovery


Revolutionize Biomarker Research with Deep Insights

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More confident decisions

Our interdisciplinary team fuses life science expertise with cutting-edge technology innovation. This synergy leads you confidently toward actionable, data-centric decisions.

More efficient processes

We design processes and develop platforms and applications that make your data discovery journey shorter, simpler, and swifter.

More power for your team

We don’t dictate a solution. We co-design and co-create with your team.

More valuable discoveries

Many paths lead to dead ends, but very few take you to your goal. Discovery is a long shot. With our help, you can improve the odds.

You need more than data.

Discovery demands data. But not all data is equal.

We bring structure to the chaos of data, harnessing its potential and turning it into actionable insights.

As scientists, we understand the challenges you face in drug discovery. Our products and services help you overcome them.

You care about faster drug development and better patient outcomes. So do we.

You need more than data. That’s why data means more to us.


The right data, in the right place, at the right time.

We curate data that suits your exact requirements, filtering out the noise with a combination of automation and human expertise.

Then we standardize and organize it. We make it searchable and insightful. We transfer it wherever you need it.

We make the data work for you, so you can concentrate on making discoveries.



R&D Technology

Our products

Medicinal chemists, biologists, and translational scientists use our scientific products to gain greater insight into compounds, targets, and biomarkers to make more informed drug discovery and clinical decisions. Our products save time, minimize complexity, and improve accuracy.


Better SAR data means better insights and predictions for your drug pipelines. GOSTAR® is the largest manually curated SAR database. It helps you accelerate your research to discover the next breakthrough.


The true value of GOBIOM+™ biomarker database is measured by the critical questions that it can address for the success of the clinical trials and accelerating drug development.

What sets us apart


Founding year. We are young. No legacy burden, just brilliant minds, and plenty of enthusiasm


Top pharmas partner with us


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Domain experts

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We speak life science data and help you unlock its potential.

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