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Therapeutic Large Molecule Curation

Expert Curation of mABs for Advanced Biomedical Applications

Our data curation experts specialize in extracting tailored information on therapeutic large molecules, encompassing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), peptides, and oligonucleotides, with a focus on SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship) data and expression system details. We diligently source this valuable data from patents, journals, clinical trials, and company pipelines, ensuring accuracy and comprehensiveness. With our curated insights scientific community streamline their research process, identify potential targets more effectively, and make evidence-based decisions. Moreover, our datasets serve as powerful training sets for AI/ML companies, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of their algorithms and models.

Our Services

Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Curation

Our portfolio offers curated SAR data, providing valuable insights into the sequences of amino acids within antibodies. Understanding these sequences is crucial as they directly influence the binding affinity of therapeutic molecules to their targets. Biopharmaceutical companies and biotechs involved in drug discovery and development can leverage our specialized SAR data curation services to optimize their research process and make informed decisions.

  • Literature mining
  • SAR content extraction
  • Report generation
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Peptide & Oligonucleotide Curation

Our SAR data curation service is focused on peptide sequences, chemical properties, biological activities, and oligonucleotide interactions which provide vital insights to support biopharmaceutical companies and biotechs engaged in drug discovery and development. HELM notation is a specialized service offered by Excelra which is used to represent complex biomolecules in a standardized and concise manner.

  • Literature Mining
  • SAR content extraction
  • HELM notations

Accelerate your therapeutic monoclonal antibody discovery

Our custom curation services help you with extensive, reliable, and up-to-date scientific information to accelerate therapeutic monoclonal antibody discovery.

Data curation services

In the expansive realm of monoclonal antibody (mAb) research, a galaxy of data awaits discovery. Each data fragment possesses the potential to propel your endeavors forward. We sift through the abundance of scientific literature—patents, journals, research papers—to eliminate extraneous noise. This enables you to pinpoint the most luminous prospects within the universe of biomedical insights, specifically tailored to advance mAb exploration.

Case study

Unveiling the Molecular Code: Antibody Sequence Mining and Target Affinity Analysis

The client is an artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery company bringing a magical revolution to the drug discovery journey. We helped them leverage antibody sequence and target affinity data, which was structured and annotated meticulously. This empowerment facilitated the creation of robust training datasets. These datasets serve as the bedrock for training AI and advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling the achievement of precision in personalized medicine.

Upon analyzing antibody affinity data, the client identified antibodies that exhibit polypharmacology beyond their primary pharmacology. This knowledge enabled the client to explore the repurposing of approved antibodies, leveraging their characteristics and expanding their therapeutic potential to address unmet medical needs.

Why Excelra

Deep Domain Knowledge

Our team comprises experts with extensive knowledge in therapeutic large molecules, spanning antibodies, proteins, and other complex biologics. This specialized expertise enables us to curate data with precision, ensuring accurate representation and interpretation of large molecule properties and interactions.

Robust Data Quality

We prioritize data quality through rigorous curation processes. Our thorough validation, cross-referencing, and data enrichment procedures guarantee that the information we provide is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. This commitment to data integrity is essential for sound decision-making in drug development and research.

Tailored Insights for Innovation

Understanding that each client’s research focus varies, we offer customizable solutions that align with your specific goals. Whether you’re seeking data for target identification, biomarker discovery, or mechanism of action studies, our curated large molecule datasets provide insights tailored to your research objectives.

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