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R&D technology

We work with life scientists to design and develop bespoke applications and pipelines, and provide data engineering services to streamline data collection and application. We unlock the potential of cloud technology, working seamlessly in AWS, Azure, and the Google cloud.


We complement your technology teams to develop novel algorithms and methods to advance discovery and translational research programs. Our experts handle a wide variety of data types using latest programming languages and bioinformatics workflow frameworks.

Cloud enablement

We provide everything you need to move your existing systems to the cloud: architecting, development, TechOps and DevOps deployment, migration, and managed services. We’re cloud provider agnostic. We design, build and deploy applications and processes across the value chain.

Product design
& development

We’re not just software developers. We’re science-led, data-centric product builders. We’re literate in your domain language, so we understand what you need and ideate creative solutions with your team. This leads to co-designing and co-creating solutions to serve your precise requirements.

Consulting Services

Whether you’re starting your digital transformation, optimizing your lab processes, or need to extract more value from your lab data, we can help. We integrate domain knowledge with technology solutions, and we know how to get the most from ELNs and LIMS tools in a laboratory environment.

Why Excelra

Intersecting science and technology

Our technology experts and scientists work in synergy leveraging cutting-edge digital innovation and scientific know-how.

Experience and expertise

We have a proven track record of data and application migration, developing data environments for early R&D and pre-clinical research, and configuring infrastructure for bioinformatics projects.

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