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Product design and development

Unlock your full potential to propel your research

We’re not just software developers. We’re science-driven, data-driven product builders. We speak your domain language and brainstorm creative solutions with you until we’re fully locked into your objectives. The products we co-design are purpose-built with a custom technology stack, or the right-fit off-the-shelf product to propel your research initiatives.

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Our services

Our product design and development services can be provided in a single package, moving you seamlessly through the three phases of production.

Alternatively, you can choose any service individually to move you through a specific phase or overcome the roadblocks stifling your progress.

Ideate, design, and prototype

The first stage is creative and imaginative. We spend time with you to understand your motivations. We’re an objectives-based development team, so we dig deep into your current blockers so we can identify ways of overcoming them. We ideate with your teams, ensuring we always put your needs before our preferences. We design and prototype, discussing the user journey to develop a simple, effective UI. We don’t move from this stage until we fully agree on the route forward.

Product/application development

This is where we get into the bulk of the work. Application development typically includes three pillars:

  • Backend: Database architects and data engineers work with Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres, etc.
  • Middleware: API developers work within Spring Boot framework
  • Frontend: UI experts and UX designers work with Angular, React, etc.

Product testing and GxP testing

Rigorous testing is completed before the product launches. In life sciences, this phase is crucial for audits and regulatory compliance. GxP also requires specific documentation for the releases. We provide documentation for GxP risk assessment, requirements traceability matrix (RTM), user requirements, and functional specification and validation summary reports.

Case study

Compound registration platform

Our client was using a legacy application built using custom forms on Excel that connected their compound database in Oracle.

This legacy platform was slow, cumbersome and unsuited to modern workflows and collaboration requirements. The client wanted to modernize and accelerate the process.

Key technologies:

  • We chose Oracle Apex to enable the development of enterprise applications faster than with traditional and popular JavaScript frameworks
  • Leveraged Marvin JS to display compound structures
  • ChemAxon coral cartridge for computational queries like similarity searches
  • An Azure cloud environment

The platform we developed gave the client a considerable leap in productivity over the previous application. Alongside clear efficiency gains and collaboration benefits, we also provided a suite of additional functionality that helped the client accelerate this stage of the drug design and discovery process.

The key features of the application were:

  • An interface to search compound structures, display properties in various information grids and via graphs, search for similar compounds and maintain user-specific lists
  • A compound database that enables compound search by drawing or an exact search by using filters, displays compound summary and Lots info, compound registration, maintains lists, maintains user history, and supports export functionality
  • Bioassay Management and Compound Progression: Display data points for comparison; maintain compound status; create requests to carry out specific tests on compounds, and create compound packets
  • Register and edit compound design idea records
  • Administration modules to configure the application.

Why Excelra

and modularity

We design products with scalability and modularity at their core. They’re not one-size-fits-all. They’re any size you want.

your people

We believe in citizen science. We don’t post closed products and walk away, we provide low-code/no-code tools so you can modify and maintain the product yourself.

Agile development

We follow agile development processes to deliver products faster and with zero headaches.

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