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Custom Biomarker Knowledgebase

For translational scientists developing clinical trial strategies, the harmonization of research articles and clinical trial biomarker data into coherent datasets is absolutely essential. This process not only expedites the discovery and validation of biomarkers but also enhances the design of efficient and impactful clinical trial methodologies.

The custom biomarker insights knowledgebase provides comprehensive support in biomarker identification, prioritization, and analysis to our partners across the life science sector.

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Use cases

The custom biomarker knowledgebase offers crucial insights into the connections between biomarkers, disease, drugs, and clinical outcomes. It enables users to contextualize the use of biomarkers gaining insights by discerning new and relevant links.

Drug discovery and development

  • Patient selection & stratification
  • Drug response & resistance
  • Safety & toxicity markers
  • Target identification

→ Improved clinical outcomes and approvals


  • Personalized medicine
  • Select most effective treatment
  • Monitor progress
  • Predict disease risk

→ Improved patient care reduce treatment cost


  • Foresee new kits and technology needs
  • Patent biomarkers context of use

→ Lead market and retain freedom to operate

The custom biomarker knowledgebase’s key entities form an interconnected data array facilitating the discovery of unexplored deep insights.

Assess >30 different biomarker-linked outcomes like

  • Progression-free survival
  • Drug response/resistance
  • Disease progression
  • Immune cell infiltration

Examine cohort demographics

  • Demographic data (Gender, age, ethnicity, countries)
  • Treatment history
  • Study arms
  • Disease stage

Review drug information

  • Indication-linked drug pipeline
  • Drug class, type, target standard of care, and lines of treatment

Biomarker classification and sub-categories

  • Genomic: Genetic variants / mRNA / miRNA / epigenetics
  • Proteomic: Protein levels and modifications
  • Biochemical
  • Metabolic
  • Cellular: Tumor-infiltrating/cell ratios
  • Microbiota

Captured context-of-use
as defined by FDA BEST category

Multiple sample types
were captured with assessment time points and methodology details.

Grouped qualified biomarkers by indication or drug groups

Data annotations


distinct fields captured from full text research articles and clinical trials


fields capturing biomarker related specification, result, direction, methodology, and outcomes


fields providing details on study design, cohorts, demographics


fields on study/drug results


fields on inferences

Data scope

  • Full text publicly available Pubmed articles with biomarker information
  • Clinical studies involving patients/human samples including ex-vivo, patient-derived xenografts
  • Clinical trials with listed biomarkers
  • Clinical guidelines, drug labels, biomarker approvals, companion diagnostic, and kit information

How do we help?

We support our partners with custom projects that can help accelerate their drug development journey.

  • Curation of all biomarkers for a specific drug/drug class across all therapeutic areas.
  • Identify and landscape all biomarkers linked with standard-of-care, approved drugs, in development pipeline drugs for a specific indication.
  • Curation of patents for specific biomarkers.
  • Curation of biomarkers from patient cohorts with client-specified treatment e.g., biomarkers readouts of all patients with failed anti-EGFR therapy.
  • Capture of qualification status of kits, companion diagnostics, and drug label information of specified biomarkers.

Ready to get more from data?

Whether you’re looking for biomarkers to assist in drug discovery & development, early detection of disease, monitoring its progress, or determining the efficacy of a treatment, our database insights can help.

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