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Custom Biomarker Knowledgebase

For scientists developing biomarker strategies, the harmonization of research articles and clinical trial biomarker data into coherent datasets is absolutely essential. This process not only expedites the discovery and validation of biomarkers but also enhances the design of efficient and impactful clinical trial methodologies.

Excelra’s custom knowledgebase streamlines biomarker identification, prioritization, and analysis. Discover connections, prioritize candidates, and make data-driven decisions. Explore disease-specific insights for colorectal cancer and more.

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Discover connections

Map relationships between biomarkers, disease, drugs, and clinical outcomes

Identify & Prioritize

Rank biomarkers associated with standard-of-care, pipeline drugs, selected patient cohorts

Unprecedented data depth

We don’t dictate a solution. We co-design and co-create with your team.

Informed decisions

Make data-driven decisions from clinical and exploratory patient sample studies

Disease-Specific Biomarker Insights

85 distinct fields captured
from full text research articles and clinical trials

35 fields capturing biomarker
related specification, result, direction, methodology and outcome

28 fields providing details
on study design, cohorts, demographics

15 fields
on study/drug results

7 fields
on inferences

Biomarker Insights | Colorectal Cancer

  • Scientific evidence between biomarkers & diseases

    Assess > 30 different biomarker linked outcomes

  • Rigorous content vetting process

    Biomarker classification and sub-categories

  • Select relevant study and drugs

    Examine cohort demographics

    Review drug information

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