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Cloud enablement

Optimize your output on the cloud

Teams and products perform best when unconstrained by old infrastructure. That’s why you look to the cloud. We provide everything you need to move your existing systems to the cloud: architecture, development, TechOps and DevOps deployment, migration, modernization, and managed services.

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Your journey to the cloud takes four steps

Cloud architecture
and roadmap

First, we draw a blueprint for your transformation. We assess your business goals and your application and infrastructure needs. We design and develop your architecture and integration. And we align your security and IT requirements.

Cloud transformation and migration

Next, we define a project plan. We complete end-to-end testing and configuration of cloud resources. We successfully execute the migration to data lakes and warehouses, and seamlessly hand over to the operations team.


We maintain governance and manage service delivery. We provide ongoing engineering and DevOps services, ensuring workflow automation remains efficient and effective. We monitor performance and establish security compliance.


We continue to review the output to identify optimization opportunities. We strengthen cloud security and introduce new automation and native services. We commit to continuous service improvement to maintain maximum productivity.

Case study

AWS DevOps for Infrastructure Modernization

We helped our client, a large pharma, to modernize & consolidate legacy platforms for their global toxicology team. We helped create a secure, agile workflow that deploys to the cloud and uses the client’s preferred AWS services. Using AWS cloud-native services with secured microservices-based architecture, we implemented the following:

  • AWS CodePipeline, a continuous delivery service to model, visualize and automate the steps required to release the software to production
  • A Graphical User Interface to create, configure, and manage pipelines and their various stages and actions, enabling the delivery of Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • CodePipeline console to add connection actions for the client’s Bitbucket repository with the legacy code
  • AWS ECR (container repository) and EKS (Kubernetes) to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications dynamically using Kubernetes on AWS.

The modernization was done for 4 different metadata dashboard applications as part of the infrastructure to help bench scientists with navigating through data generated across Predictive and Computational Toxicology, Predictive, Investigative, and Translational Toxicology.

Why Excelra

Intersecting science and technology

That’s where you’ll find us. Our technical engineers work at the cutting edge of digital innovation and our scientists are experts in their field. They work in synergy and know exactly what they need from each other. And what you need from us.

Not just providers; partners

We don’t just provide a service. We’re an integrated team player, working with you to deploy the specific solutions you need, not imposing our preference on you.

Experience and expertise

We have a proven track record of data and application migration, developing data environments for early R&D and pre-clinical research, and configuring infrastructure for bioinformatics projects.

AWS, GCP, Azure, or anywhere 

We amplify your value stream on the cloud provider that works best for you. 

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