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Data is the raw material on which all knowledge is built. We organize, standardize, and digitize it, providing the strongest foundation to develop your research.

Data curation

Navigate the vast universe of biomedical data with innovative solutions for data mining and harmonization, targeted literature curation, and scientific visualization through custom-built applications.

Our scientific experts address your complex scientific questions to accelerate drug development.

Clinical data services

Our data solutions are focused on extracting and curating clinical trial outcome data, biology and pharmacology data, and pharmacokinetic data from various clinical literature to power intelligent data-driven insights.

Semantics services

Our customized, state-of-the-art semantic solutions help you develop knowledge graphs and machine learning models with connected, cleansed, FAIRified data.

We develop knowledge ecosystems that dismantle data silos and allow effective integration and standardization of data from disparate sources.

Why Excelra


Your data, however, you want it. On-Cloud (AWS, Azure, OpenShift), on-premises, or data transfer.

interdisciplinary expertise

We are domain experts, semantic specialists, data analysts, and engineers. Working together, speaking your language.

data sets

Our expertly curated analysis-ready data helps you to conduct a wide range of analyses to support your drug discovery to development initiatives.

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