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Semantic data services

Better Insights, Better Decision-making

Our semantic data solutions help biopharma organizations to create knowledge graphs with connected data for better decision-making during the drug development process. Custom-fit solutions with cleansed and FAIRified data offer accurate insights for improved ontology management, knowledge graph development, and machine learning models for novel discoveries.

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Our services

Data integration and semantic modeling

Our data integration and semantic data modeling services provide the insight you need to make confident drug development decisions:

  • Semantic data modeling
  • Legacy data transformation
  • Master data management
  • Data FAIRification
  • Customized and efficient search engine for RDF triple generation
  • Meta and custom data curation
  • Customized data analysis and interpretation
  • Ontology mapping

Proprietary knowledge graph creation

Our proprietary knowledge graph creation services include:

  • Custom target schema
  • Existing experience with multiple sources via EBKG
  • Domain context-based knowledge graph creation
  • Personalized query set-up
  • Gaining insights from knowledge graphs using machine learning models
  • Support for specific use cases

Our approach

Case study

Multi-omics semantic knowledge graph for target identification 

The client required a knowledge graph containing a broad library of internal and external data. The ability for users to query the knowledge graph and confidently consult data visualizations was necessary to support the drug development team’s decision-making.

We constructed a pipeline to process and transform the client’s data sets, applying FAIR evaluation methodology and data wrangling techniques. With the transformed data, we produced a knowledge graph.

The query functionality allowed the client to interrogate the ontology-enriched knowledge graph and discover relationships between species, tissues, genes, indications, and time points.

These relationships were revealed in powerful visualizations, which the client used to establish the validity of ongoing go/no-go decisions.

Why Excelra

Bilingual, Cross-functional, Interdisciplinary expertise

Our teams include domain experts, semantic specialists, data analysts, and data architects. Working together, speaking your language.

Ready-to-use mapping libraries

We cover over 15 biomedical concepts and identify and understand gaps and limitations in public data sets.

Wide-ranging engagements

We work in data integration, ontology management, semantic modeling, graph databases, NER technology, and FAIRification.

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