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ELN and LIMS Consulting Services

More efficiency, greater acceleration, better value

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Your focus is on developing new treatments for patients in need. An ELN or LIMS can help, but slow implementation will stall innovation.

You want to spend your time changing lives, not managing digital applications.

Excelra will deliver your digital transformation. You can focus on innovation.

Our services

Our business consultants and scientific advisors help implement and optimize your ELN and LIMS, streamline workflows, achieve digital transformation goals, and accelerate research.

Strategic consulting and workflow optimization
ELN and LIMS implementation and delivery
Program and project management services
Migration, integration, and app development

Why Excelra

Collaboration with platform providers

We work closely with platform providers to close functionality gaps and proactively de-risk projects.

Dotmatics  |  Benchling  |  IDBS  |  STARLIMS  |  Biovia  |  Labware  |  Caliber  |  Labvantage  |  Thermo Fisher Sample Manager  |  Revvity Signals


Our ELN and LIMS experts have years of experience in managing implementation and consulting projects of varying sizes and complexities.


You have unique needs, so we develop unique solutions. We’re platform agnostic and we won’t dictate an approach – we’ll work with you to find solutions that meet your exact requirements.


We’re scientists like you, so we understand your data and know how to get the most from it. We also know how valuable your time is, so we’ll take care of the things that slow you down while you focus on research.

Our value

Ready for the next step?

Whether you’re starting your digital transformation, optimizing your lab processes, or need to extract more value from your lab data, we can help. We integrate domain knowledge with technology solutions, and we know how to get the most from ELNs and LIMS tools in a laboratory environment.

To find out how we can help accelerate your lab research and drug development, get in touch.

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