Patents are the Cornerstone for Advancing Data-Driven KRAS Drug Discovery

Supporting the KRAS research with GOSTAR data & custom patent curation services

Our client’s requirement

Our client, a prominent US biopharmaceutical company, is deeply engaged in KRAS research. KRAS, a molecular target implicated in numerous cancers, was once deemed ‘undruggable.’ However, recent advancements have unveiled its significant therapeutic potential, propelling it into a rapidly expanding field of research and development. A key aspect of their R&D involves gathering novel chemical structures and bioactivity data from KRAS-related patents, which serve as a rich source for diverse chemotypes crucial in drug discovery.

Patents play a pivotal role in informed decision-making, aiding researchers in driving effective medicinal chemistry programs, assessing uniqueness against competitors, and swiftly identifying opportunities. However, despite the valuable insights patents offer, the process of collecting, reviewing, and extracting data demands a substantial investment of time and resources.

Our approach

Collaborating with Excelra addresses researchers’ challenges, particularly manual curation, enabling them to focus on the formidable task of identifying novel compounds with KRAS-modulating profiles. With over 60 PhDs, our data curation team possesses the expertise to extract and deliver literature in a standardized, analysis-ready format. Our process includes manual curation, review, and quality control, ensuring data accuracy. Leveraging scientific and technical excellence, we rapidly curated, structured, and delivered the client’s dataset, featuring exemplified chemical structures and associated experiments for various assays.

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