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The power of data visualization

Data visualization plays a crucial role in data-driven decision-making. By presenting data visually, it becomes easier to understand and make informed decisions quickly and confidently. Our data science and visualization services bring data to life through live data dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visual representations. We collect and cleanse data ensuring data accuracy. Our data science and visualization services help translate complex, scientific information into concise, interactive visuals that enable access to accurate, complex information at a glance.

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Traditionally data analytics was driven by human experts managing data to make decisions and derive hypotheses across the scientific domain. With the rise in the volume of data this became difficult to manage. The evolution of cloud computing, modern analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies has changed the shape of life science data. However, with these advancements, comes its own challenges around data security, ethics, performance, collaboration, and scalability. A high performing infrastructure has to be configured well for you to accomplish your task effectively. But this doesn’t happen by default, our experienced data engineers and domain experts can ensure that the advanced technologies are working for you and your project.

However, the complexity & heterogeneity of data requires careful selection of the approach towards visualization to achieve your objectives.

We help with data visualization for life science by:

Building custom visualization interfaces and dashboards

  • Intuitive and Operational Dashboard
  • Seamless Data Extraction and Integration
  • Direct Embedding to Web Applications

Optimizing existing dashboards

  • Pipeline & Data Model Optimization
  • Dashboard Performance Enhancement with Semantic Layers
  • Actionable Visuals with Performance Architecture

Implementing easy to integrate data visualization tools

  • Analytics Use-Cases Identification
  • Requirement and Gap Analysis
  • Extensive Visualization Derived through Data Sources

Our data visualization experts work on platforms, tools, and libraries such as:

  • R data visualization libraries (ggplot2, Lattice, and Plotly)
  • Python data visualization libraries (PANDAS, Vispy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, PyGal)
  • Dashboarding Software (PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire, QlikView, R-Shiny) and more

Case study

Gene visualization

Genomic data analyses require integrated visualization of known genomic information and new experimental data. Our client had acquired access to a large cohort of GWAS data and needed it to be internalized and made available for their geneticists to benchmark their own studies. The need was then for us to develop an internal tool that allowed for the typical GWAS data analysis workflow (including Manhattan plots) and a multi-species genome browser to help annotate the data.

The architecture considered frontend tech i.e., AngularJS, D3, React JS coupled with HTML5 & CSS along with PostgreSQL, Azure, and Apache

The application built was optimized to cater to the typical challenges:

  • Increasing sample size and marker density in GWAS studies makes the associated computing expensive
  • Configuring the genome browser to a cloud architecture

The application was scalable for a 1000 users at a time, and we developed access management controls to tier functionality based on the user’s role. This then allowed the geneticists to upload their GWAS data, analyze it, and annotate it based on public and licensed reference data sets at scale.

Why Excelra


We work with your team to build interactive dashboards and intuitive visualizations. Our experts can develop advanced algorithms that can aid scientific experts in making sense of that data.

Domain plus Technology Expertise

Our data scientists and domain experts have years of diverse academic and industrial experience. We understand the challenge of the modern scientific community to communicate your discoveries to the world. We overcome those challenges so you can represent your work with confidence and authority.

Latest visualization tech stack

Like our interdisciplinary teams working together, apps and platforms perform best when they seamlessly integrate with each other.

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