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One of the biggest challenges when you embark on digital transformation within your R&D is finding the right system (ELN/LIMS) and an implementation partner. Our Lab Informatics experts help you choose the right lab management system for your needs and help implement it. If you already have an ELN and LIMS, we will help you modernize your landscape to remove your technical debt. We can together streamline workflows, achieve your digital transformation goals, and help accelerate your research. We have expertise with all the popular ELN and LIMS systems. Listed a few below.

  • IDBS EWB, Polar and Activity Base
  • Benchling
  • Dotmatics ELN, BioBright
  • Thermo Fisher Sample Manager, Watson and Core LIMS
  • Labvantage
  • Biovia Onelab, Pipeline Pilot
  • Labguru
  • Caliber LIMS
  • Agilab
  • Revvity Signals
  • CDD
  • Sapio

Our Services

Business Consulting and Scientific Advice

We know investing in ELN and LIMS is a significant investment and you expect to get a value quicker and get the best value out of it. Our team of experts knows about all the ELNs and LIMS in the industry and we will help you define your requirements and critical use cases to find the right solution through vendor evaluation. Our partnership with these vendors enables us to get a speedy response. Overall, we help you choose the right solution quickly and help you with the implementation. Our business consulting and scientific advice team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support for business operations in the lab informatics area. The lab informatics area is rapidly evolving, with new technologies, standards, and regulations emerging. Our team specializes in the latest technologies and best practices to enable you to bring digital transformation to your labs.

  • Strategic consulting to help with digitalization strategy and vendor evaluation
  • Business Analysis to do AS-IS and TO-BE state of workflows with optimization
  • Scientific advice on ELN and LIMS solutions and architecture

ELN and LIMS Implementation and Delivery

We understand delivering value to the business and getting the best of your ELN and LIMS is critical for you. Our specialized expert team has done a lot of implementations to accelerate the implementation and deliver value quickly. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the implementation and customization of scientific software applications, ensuring that they meet each client’s unique needs. Implementing scientific software applications can be a complex and time-consuming process with many potential pitfalls and challenges. Our team has years of experience in this area, and we have developed a streamlined efficient approach that minimizes risk and maximizes success.

  • COTS Software Implementation
  • Workflow configuration and customization
  • Training and support

Program and Project Management Services

Project planning and management are key to gluing the diversified team together and all the stakeholders share the common goal and they are fully informed on the implementation status. Our prior experience helps you to manage projects efficiently with a clear risk and change management strategy. We provide high-quality project and program management services to help our clients achieve their digital transformation and lab modernization goals. Our team consists of experienced project managers who have a proven track record of successfully implementing ELN and LIMS projects.

  • Program Governance of R&D Digital transformation
  • Program Planning and Execution of R&D IT projects (ELN and LIMS)
  • Stakeholder Management and Project Reporting
  • Risk and change management

Migration, Integrations and custom application development

Streamlining laboratory workflows requires seamless data integration, and that’s where our expertise shines. We tackle both migrating legacy data to cutting-edge ELN and LIMS platforms, or facilitating migrations between different COTS solutions. But it doesn’t stop there. We go beyond simple data transfer, crafting the optimal integration strategy for your lab instruments, scientific applications, ELN, and LIMS. This ensures data flows effortlessly, eliminating manual entry and boosting efficiency. Our team designs and builds plug-ins and bespoke interfaces that bridge the gap between ELN/LIMS and any other applications you use, creating a truly unified laboratory ecosystem.

Managed Services

Ongoing operational support is critical for the improved user experience. Our scientific support team will help the end users for better user adoption and satisfaction. We provide bespoke support service from L1 to L4 and we follow the ITIL framework. We also work on the DevOps model so our team can help you to enhance the workflows while continuing to support the end users.

  • Configuration Management & System Administration
  • Quality Management
  • Environment Management
  • System & Integration Monitoring/Uptime Management
  • Incident/Service Request Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Level Management

ELN and LIMS Hyper-Accelerator

Our business consultants and scientific advisors help implement and optimize your ELN and LIMS, streamline workflows, achieve digital transformation goals, and accelerate research.

Why Excelra

Holistic Expertise

Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of both Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). This unique blend of expertise enables us to provide integrated solutions that streamline your laboratory workflows, from data capture to management and analysis.

Tailored Solutions for Efficiency

Recognizing that every laboratory has its distinct requirements, our ELN-LIMS consulting and implementation services are tailor-made to fit your specific needs. We collaborate closely to understand your processes and challenges, ensuring that our solutions optimize efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Seamless Transitions and Growth

Our proven track record in successful ELN-LIMS implementation guarantees a seamless transition to digital solutions. As your research evolves, our services scale with you, adapting to new technologies and expanding functionalities. This scalability ensures that your laboratory remains at the forefront of data management and analysis.

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