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Curation services

Filter out the noise, focus your attention

There is a universe of data out there. A single piece of data can provide the clues you need to advance your work. But finding one data point from the vast array of options is a long shot. Our high-quality data curation provides data sets that improve the odds. We filter out the noise from the existing scientific literature like patents, journals, research papers, etc., so you can find the brightest opportunities in the universe of biomedical knowledge.

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Our services

We curate custom data sets to support life scientists’ research in chemistry, biology, and clinical domains. We also provide curation services for key opinion leader (KOL) data to enhance your strategic decision-making. 


  • Chemical structure indexing 
  • Compound-target-indication profiling 
  • SAR and reaction data curation 
  • Drug label, safety, and toxicity data exception 
  • Monoclonal Antibodies


  • Custom dossiers generation for targets and indications 
  • Actionable mutations for targeted therapy 
  • Clinical genome variant interpretation and reporting 
  • Gene and biological process annotation 
  • Genotype-phenotype mapping 
  • Multi-omics dataset curation and integration


  • Text mining and analysis of clinical trial data 
  • Indication-specific and drug-specific summary-level databases 
  • Data for model-based meta-analysis (MBMA), quantitative systems pharmacology (iQSP) 
  • Digitizing preclinical toxicology reports (PTRdb)

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Healthcare data structuring

  • Key opinion leader (KOL) profile data structuring 
  • Healthcare professional (HCP) landscape mapping for brand marketing

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Our approach

Case study

Adverse events-related screening

Our client owns a proprietary tool for preclinical toxicity, clinical and pharmacovigilance studies. It required the addition of accurate, validated, up-to-date content on drugs and targets for its adverse events database. We provided data-mining, classification, and excerption services, improving the client’s text-mining pipeline to capture the relevant data points.

Our curation experts manually validated the extracted PMIDs for adverse events. We worked at scale and speed, screening 1000 articles a day. The validated PMIDs were subject to a further round of quality control before being applied to the client’s text mining pipeline to fine-tune its output.

Our services saved the client significant time and resources on the tedious validation process. The client’s database was successfully updated with the validated content twice a week, substantially improving efficiency and text-mining capabilities.

Why Excelra

A wide net

We help expand your vision of the data landscape, curating chemical, biological, or clinical data, and supporting you across the entire drug discovery life cycle. 

Standardized set

Our data sets are standardized to meet your requirements and comply with industry standards. 

Flexible deployment options

Your data, however you want it. On the cloud (AWS, Azure, OpenShift, etc.), on-premises, or data repository. 

Ready to get more from data?

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