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Data means more – Excelra’s brand story

GOSTAR® | Quick View

GOSTAR®: 2 Minute Demo

GOSTAR® Overview

OP2 – Online Pipeline Platform

How to use the OP2 platform?

Opportunities for AI in Personalized Medicine

Webinar: The path to the Nobel prize

Key Challenges of Data-centric QSP and ML/AI: Scope of Problems, When and How

Uncovering master regulators using single-cell transcriptomics

Scalable and secure big data cloud solutions and environments

Single-Cell RNA-seq Analyses: Going beyond the standard workflow

Machine Learning & AI in Protein Engineering Applications

Best Practices for Data Analysis


Latest data analysis techniques in biotechnology

AI/ML Training Series

AI ML Training: General Introduction

AI/ML Training: Performance Measures

AI/ML Training: Neural Networks

AI/ML Training: Case Study

AI/ML Training: Data Wrangling

GOSTAR®: Customer Success Stories

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