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Capture tangible value and insights while optimizing commercial success

The dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, the changing regulatory landscape, and the growing need for evidence-based decision-making are just a few of the challenges that researchers and practitioners in this field face. Additionally, the collection and analysis of real-world data, the interpretation of results, and the communication of findings to stakeholders can be complex and time-consuming. Despite these challenges, the importance of HEOR and RWE in informing healthcare policy and practice cannot be overstated. Our goal is to help our clients build and methodically capture their tangible value and insights for dissemination, while optimizing their commercial success.

Outcomes Research

  • Generate evidence for clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes
  • PRO endpoint validation, tool selection/development
  • Identification of novel endpoints for clinical trials

Epidemiology Modeling

  • Custom epidemiology models to assess the incidence and prevalence of diseases
  • Epidem-based inline and market forecast models
  • Disease progression

Economic Modelling

  • Cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Budget impact analyses
  • Return on investment models

Value Evidence Communication

  • Value dossiers
  • Publications
  • Slide presentations and other Market Access collaterals

RWE & Big Data Realization

  • Common data models (OMOP or custom)
  • Custom workflows / Analytics
  • Efficacy-effectiveness gap
  • Value-based contracting support

SLR & Meta-analysis

  • Curated custom data sets for outcomes analysis
  • Datasets for indirect treatment comparisons
  • Regulatory submissions

Excelra Makes Strategic Investment in Anlitiks

A Disruptive HEOR and RWE Technology-led Consulting Company

The investment reinforces Excelra’s push into the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) analytics area. This deal is a testimony to Excelra’s commitment to drug discovery and commercialization by combining deep scientific domain expertize with cutting-edge technology and analytics solutions.

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