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In this fast-paced world of research and discovery, pharma industries heavily rely on improved systems like Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for their work to generate results. This shift is not merely technological; it’s a catalyst for propelling labs through streamlined data migration, seamless integrations, and custom-built solutions to fasten their drug discovery process. Recent cases like COVID-19 have posed more reliance on labs to fasten their drug development process. These labs must stay automated and updated with technologies to achieve high efficiency and competitiveness. This blog post guides pharma industries in demystifying data migration’s complexities, establishing smooth connections between instruments and systems, and highlighting the importance of tailoring custom applications to their unique workflow needs.

Migration: A Bridge to the Connect Future

The migration of existing data into new ELN/LIMS platforms like Cloud migration- AWS and Azure- is not just about transferring information. This gives more maturity to the data in terms of scalability, accessibility, and safety aspects. This step is crucial, particularly when migrating between different Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) platforms. Excelra’s structured process ensures a smooth transition, cleansing and transforming your data with more precision. Excelra has vast experience handling migrations between different COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) platforms, making us your one-stop data migration spots. A structured approach to migration not only preserves the quality of data but also leverages the advanced features of the new systems, thereby enhancing data usability and accessibility.

Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency: Anchoring Integration Strategies

In today’s digitally interconnected realm, laboratories heavily depend on many lab instruments, software, and other scientific applications to conduct research and record their results efficiently. These tools work independently of each other, and the interconnectivity with these tools helps the seamless flow of data across the system, thereby easing the life of scientists with the manual process. This can be achieved through

  • assessment of the laboratory’s existing process workflow
  • Understanding crucial integration/interface points and
  • deploying a custom integration solution to achieve the desired function
  • Custom robotic automation tool implementation

By optimizing these integrations, laboratories can guarantee that data is easily accessible, accurate, and consistent across different platforms. Their implementation can reduce the huge amount of manual processes involved in transferring the data between systems to derive insights.

Our role involves defining and executing an optimal integration strategy tailored to your lab, ensuring instruments, software, and ELN/LIMS platforms operate in perfect harmony.

Advancing Scientific Frontiers: Bespoke API, Plugin, and Interface Development

Each lab system has its way of processing data and procedures. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software often fails to align perfectly with their specific workflows and processes. The solutions developed do not serve their custom needs, which often does not leverage the whole experience of the products to customers using them. This is where our custom app development (API) expertise becomes crucial. Excelra specializes in creating custom APIs and web services and designing and developing plugins and interfaces. These custom solutions facilitate seamless data flow between COTS and other applications, enabling efficient data exchange and functional interactions. Our tailored plugins and interfaces bridge the functionality gaps between different systems and provide laboratories with features specifically suited to their requirements. This approach ensures an end-to-end solution leveraging the potential of ELN/LIMS in the market.

Are You Prepared to Automate Your Laboratory?

Don’t be constrained by outdated systems and disjointed workflows. Leverage the strengths of robotic automation to elevate your laboratory’s efficiency, precision, and capacity for innovation. Adopting these strategies allows laboratories to optimize their workflows and guarantee to tailor them based on customers’ needs by achieving them via automation. We specialize in creating robotic automation that streamlines repetitive and rule-based tasks, reducing manual effort and enabling faster completion of processes, thereby minimalizing the chances of possible human errors.

Providing Holistic Solutions: Harnessing Our Expertise in Scientific Application Development

Considering the quote, “One size does not fit all,” especially in scientific research and development. We recognize the diverse challenges our clients face, and our approach is centered around tailoring the applications to specific needs and leveraging their use to the maximum. Our dedicated R&D team of experts specializes in customizing scientific application development, combining domain knowledge with technical prowess. We build solutions that consider the pain points of the customer. Our commitments extend to deployment, support, monitoring, and optimization services to adapt to evolving requirements.

As we conclude, every problem has a solution on its own. A strategic decision could be made to improve and fasten the process in the lab and research with the right combination of technological upgrades and custom-built applications. Join us to make the day better for the scientists.

That’s why you need more than just data. That’s why you need Excelra. Where data means more.

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