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A more fulfilling career

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Welcome to Excelra – where we empower innovation in the life sciences, driven by data, science, and digital transformation.

We believe in maximizing potential. Not just for data, but for our people, too. We nurture talent, support diversity, and celebrate achievement together.

You’re looking for an exciting career and an opportunity to make a tangible impact on the world. You’re looking for a company that respects and appreciates your ability and personality.

We’re looking for the difference makers. We’re looking for you.

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Great Place to Work

We are a Great Place to Work® certified organization. There are many things that make an organization a great place to work, and we’re committed to them all. A healthy, supportive, and nurturing workplace culture is our highest priority at Excelra.

Our people make every day fulfilling, fruitful and fun.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Delivering quality
  • Nurturing potential
  • Providing equal opportunities
  • Striving for efficiency
  • Fostering learning-led growth

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Director, Business Development

Why Excelra

50 : 50

Equal opportunity and scope environment


Global life science customers


Work with the best minds

Have fun and make a difference

While making groundbreaking advancements is something we’re passionate about, our intention is to truly experience and enjoy the process of making such a difference.

We make sure that in every project, learning initiative, workshop, and passing day, we cultivate a culture that is fun, intellectually stimulating, and exciting to work in.

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Would you like to do meaningful and fulfilling work with brilliant minds in a culture that fosters growth and enthusiasm? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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