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Insightful data promises significant value creation. The genesis of Excelra today lies in this expertise of building customized & insightful data. We are data specialists in the knowledge domain driven by human intelligence and technology. At Excelra, thanks to the exceptional people we hire and nurture, we shine at both of our core offerings- "Solutions" and "Knowledgebases". We have pioneered scientific database development and have built a reputation for manually curated information, development of user interfaces, analytics, and databases related to cheminformatics, biomarkers and clinical trial outcomes.

  • Our Solutions

    Agro Chemical Registration:

    We are the leading providers of regulatory services for Indian crop protection products. We provide services that support companies that make Plant Protection Products with a focus on environmental fate modelling, ecotoxicology risk assessment and human exposure risk assessment. We also provide support for custom scenario development for estimation of predicated environmental concentrations of plant protection products, adjuvants and other ingredients used in formulated products.

  • Our Solutions

    IT Services:

    IT converts information in to knowledge so it can be used by people within an organisation. It integrates data from multi-disciplinary fields using science and information technology. Analytics converts knowledge in to wisdom which can be used for decision-making within organisations using previous information as a benchmark for the future.

  • Our Solutions

    Data Analytics:

    We offer data analytics services for the life sciences and healthcare industry that comprises consulting, development and reporting. Our tools built for analytics (especially for text-based sources) enable us to build algorithms and synonym repositories to integrate external unstructured data. It provides large volumes of relevant information that can be segregated and analysed against various parameters to reveal extremely worthy and pointed inputs on geographies, markets, competition, products, usage and user satisfaction.

  • Our Solutions

    Publishing & Content:

    We are India's largest custom curation service provider with expertise in data mining, indexing, extraction and analysis. With over a decade of experience and an exceptionally talented team comprising the best minds, we are the 'Scientific Curator of Choice' to over 300 clients globally. A strong domain knowledge, combined with the right IT tools give us our edge in providing customized Data Indexing and Excerption services that suit customer requirements.

Our Knowledgebases


    GOSTAR is our comprehensive database with 6.8 million compounds, 22 million SAR points screened from 2.2 million patents and 337,949 journals with comprehensive coverage of biological and chemical domain. It provides information on SAR, ADME, toxicity, preclinical, clinical and structural data. GOSTAR is a manually curated database that was developed in-house by over 200 scientists. It is used by some of the leading drug discovery teams from major pharmaceuticals, academics and biotech companies across the globe. Read more


    GOBIOM is our comprehensive repository of biomarkers reported in pre-clinical, clinical and exploratory phases. Each biomarker is linked to its therapeutic area, target and drug. GOBIOM contains information on Biochemical, Genomic, Imaging, Metabolite, Clinical Scoring Scales and Cellular Markers for 18 different therapeutic areas covering 1,400 plus therapeutic indications. Read more

  • CTOD

    Clinical Trial Outcome Databases (CTOD) capture summary level data for clinical safety and efficacy outcomes from publicly available data sources. They are designed to assist companies in conducting comparative link/scale biomarkers to clinical outcomes, predict/improve trial outcome and develop product differentiation strategies. We customise these knowledge bases to ensure maximum flexibility and business benefits. Read more

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