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Value Evidence Services

Outcomes Research

Outcomes measured from the patients’ perspective

Evaluation of the effect that medicines and other healthcare interventions and solutions can have on patient-related clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes is fundamental to the evidence generation process.  Combining and linking data from a number of sources, coupled with our HEOR experience, Excelra can help you to identify valid endpoints, biomarkers, and surrogates to inform your clinical trial design, and ultimately outcomes that are meaningful to patients, provider and payer stakeholders.

Epidemiology Modeling

Discerning patterns of health and disease

Excelra can build custom epidemiology models to assess the incidence and prevalence of disease. Covariate patient characteristics can help in trial design and benchmark controlled RCTs against complex real-world clinical context.

In the era of personalized medicine, the objective is to stratify the eligible treatment population to improve efficacy and minimize adverse events. By mining EMRs we can predict the subset of patients who truly benefit from an expensive intervention, helping payers manage their cost exposure.

Economic Modeling

A true view of any drug’s value

A key stepping stone to successful market access and reimbursement is an integrated demonstration of value across economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes.

Starting with a regulatory evidential need/gap analysis, we conceptualize the right modeling strategy to deliver rigorous and customized HEOR analytical consulting. We leverage our expertise in quantifying value by modeling disease outcomes in executing custom cost-effectiveness analyses, cost-benefit analyses, and budget impact analyses.

Value Evidence Communication

Weaving a lucid and persuasive value story

We believe that a credible value story requires a deep understanding of how ‘value’ is perceived by patients, providers, payers, and policymakers. It requires local knowledge of the product, care, and regulatory landscape.

At Excelra, we apply this understanding to package analytical insights into coherent and impactful global value dossiers, slide presentations and other market access collaterals, tailor-made to the intended target audience.

RWE & Big Data Realization

Realizing the true value of real world data

The biggest challenge in using RWE for a wide range of applications is the heterogeneity and uneven quality of various real-world data (RWD) sources. Curation, harmonization, and integration of unstructured data sets is the critical need of the hour.

Excelra’s expert curators use a techno-human approach to unlock tremendous value by converting messy real-world data streams into analysis-ready regulatory-grade datasets. We create custom workflows to codify elements like adverse events, disease staging/progression, and other medical concepts based on client objectives.

SLR & Meta-analysis

Unlocking intelligence from clinical trial literature

An extension of our clinical trial outcomes data services, we curate safety and efficacy outcomes data from published clinical trials. These datasets can be used for network meta-analysis (NMA) to estimate the comparative efficacy and safety of some interventions. Starting from your research question, Excelra assembles disparate trial outcome data into an evidence network to assess data readiness and statistical analysis feasibility.