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Solutions for Targeted Protein Degradation and PROTACs

Empower your research with custom degrader databases and services to leverage Targeted Protein Degradation to develop therapeutic strategies.

The Challenge

Selective degradation of pathogenic proteins is a promising strategy to drug ‘undruggable’ targets.

Only a fraction of the proteins encoded by the human genome are druggable. The exploration of the undruggable protein landscape has become an attractive strategy by utilizing the emerging field of targeted protein degradation. This technique modulates the target expression by hijacking the intracellular proteolysis machinery. Despite the immense therapeutic potential, this strategy presents several challenges which need to be surmounted to exploit its full capability

Only a limited number of E3 Ligases have been explored so far for therapeutic effect, there are ~700 still unexplored

Selecting a Target that is amenable for degradation requires a thorough investigation into multiple features including proximity to ligase, ubiquitination sites, role in disease etc.

Degrader compounds are plagued, by high mol. wt., low permeability, complex structures, low solubility etc. and need to be optimized to be effective

Our Offerings

Excelra has developed databases and services that could facilitate informed decision-making and increase the efficiency of companies looking to develop programs in the targeted protein degradation space. Check our TPD FAQs.

Degraders Intelligence Database (DID)

An intelligence database allowing its users to capture a snapshot of the competitive landscape in the degrader space to understand the companies working in the area and the strategies leveraged by them. This also helps identify potential gaps in the space that could be opportunities for new entrants in the market

Company specialization
Geographical distribution
Degrader class
Structural information
Clinical Trials
Phase & status
Drug combination information
Sponsor & investigator
Assignee information
Author/inventor information
Patent filing date
Therapeutic areas
Physicochemical properties
Expression & localization
Ubiquitination sites
E3 ligases
Cognate E1 and E2 partners
Expression and localization

Degraders Discovery Database (D3)

An indispensable resource for designing degraders and expanding services into new therapeutic areas. It helps overcome challenges in the TPD space pertaining to the congruence of targets with ubiquitination machinery, expanding the exploratory scope of E3 ligases, and gaining deeper insights into the compound-related parameters for TPD.

Targeted Protein Degradation Services

Our Targeted Protein Degradation Services enable the development of differentiated therapies by leveraging our manifold experience in studying the TPD space and utilizing our data assets as per the custom client requirements.

E3 ligase identification

Expand the repertoire of usable E3 ligases to design degraders

Disease identification

Identify indications with high unmet need using proprietary databases and advanced analytics pipelines

Target identification

Degradability; A systematic approach to identifying proteins that are amenable for ablation

Why Us

Excelra’s proprietary offerings in the TPD space are fuelled by our capabilities and 18+ years of experience in data collection, data curation and data annotation for our clients. Our substantial domain expertise in this area helps us in understanding the best approach for answering the problem statements of our clients.