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Precision Oncology Informatics

It’s PERSONAL now!

The advent of personalized medicine has heralded a new global era in oncology research, with the tenet; “Every patient is unique, their treatment must be too.”

Armed with cutting-edge AI/ML pipelines and deep domain expertise in oncology, Excelra partners with global biotech and pharma organizations in developing novel personalized approaches to combat cancer.

Indication Prioritization

Optimize therapeutic outcomes

Drawing from the alliance of our holistic perspective on cancer biology, and our computational pipelines that integrate diverse patient data; we help match right therapies to the right indications, for achieving better outcomes from clinical trials.

Patient Stratification

Deliver tailor-made success

Equipped with our proven predictive analytics platforms; we utilize patient centric genetic, omics and biomarker datasets, to drive novel personalized medicine approaches that maximize treatment benefits for every cancer patient.

Combination Prediction

Beat cancer in more ways than one

Supported by ML driven biological rationale; we identify the ideal therapeutic modality and drug combination partners. Hence improving treatment response, overcome drug resistance and minimizing adverse events in targeted cancer therapies.

Right Disease
Right Patient
Right Drug

Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics

Quantifying what’s happening to the medicine within

Pharmacometrics increasingly informs critical decisions for efficient patient-centric drug development. It can help in dose and sample size optimization, trial design, outcome selection and go/no-go decision making.

Excelra offers strategic and analytical consulting from basic Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA), to advanced statistical and dynamic mechanistic models including PK/PD, PBPK and MBMA, to resolve clinical research conundrums.

Clinical Trial Outcomes Database

Unlocking intelligence from clinical trial literature

Published clinical trial data is a goldmine of aggregated knowledge. Excelra carefully extracts and harmonizes clinical trial information into analysis-ready datasets for Model-Based Meta-Analysis (MBMA), NONMEM and other statistical techniques. MBMA can shed light on a clinical program’s competitive landscape and comparative effectiveness. It benchmarks dose-response, time-course, placebo effects, and outcome heterogeneity for a given drug and indication. The insights gained from MBMA can further be used to optimize clinical trial designs and marketing/commercial strategies.

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Study Design