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GOSTAR is the largest manually annotated structure-activity relationships (SAR) database of small molecules published in mainstream medicinal chemistry journals and patents. Compounds from both discovery and development stages targeting all target families are covered. Along with SAR, key properties like ADME, and Toxicity are capture Read more
Excelra's GOBIOM is a comprehensive biomarker database comprising exploratory, preclinical and clinical biomarker intelligence. By providing critical insights into diagnosis, prognosis, treatment response, safety, efficacy and toxicity; GOBIOM facilitates data driven clinical and therapeutic decision making to accelerate drug development. Read more
Drug resistance and inadequate response to commonly administered drugs across different therapeutic indications poses a major challenge to clinicians and researchers. This leads to unnecessary heath care costs and is incurring additional research expenditure. Read more
GOBIOM is built from exploratory, preclinical and clinical content to provide critical insights into diagnosis, prognosis, treatment response, safety, efficacy and toxicity. GOBIOM is the biomarker intelligence database to drive clinical and therapeutic decisions and to accelerate drug development. Read more
GOBIOM (Global Online Biomarker Database) is the world’s largest manually curated database of validated and putative biomarkers, providing critical insights into the relationship between biomarker and disease. GOBIOM as a one-stop platform provides clinical and pre-clinical information on biochemical, genomic, imaging, metabolite, clinical scoring scales and cellular markers spanning across 18 different therapeutic areas. Read more
The information age (mid-20th century onwards) witnessed a boom in data generation and digitization. The current century is an era of not only data creation but also data analytics which yields the true value of data. Read more
As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in an unyielding manner, COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented social, economic and health disruptions across the globe. Furthermore, there are currently no specific anti-viral drugs or vaccines to effectively treat or prevent COVID-19. Read more
COVID-19, a pandemic caused by the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus, has rapidly spread across the world in an unprecedented and devastating manner. Currently there are over 5 million confirmed cases and over 360 K deaths as reported by the World Health Organization. Read more
Any data that requires support from technological and infrastructural investments in order to get meaningful insights is defined as “Big Data.” The main reasons contributing for Big Data are the exponential growth in the data due to increased usage and the requirement to integrate these datasets for gaining valuable insights. Read more
Drug discovery and development is a long, expensive and risky process. On average it takes roughly 12 years and around $2.6 billion to develop a new drug (1). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of United States, considered as the world's foremost pharmaceutical regulatory authority, requires comprehensive Read more