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Authors: Kishore Gade

In the realm of scientific research and development, the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) are indispensable tools that help organizations streamline data management, enhance research collaboration, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. The complexity and resources needed to maintain and optimize these systems can be challenging. Our ELN/LIMS Managed Services, grounded in the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, address these challenges by providing a structured and consistent service management approach. This internationally recognized framework ensures best practices in IT service management, which is especially beneficial for the systematic management of ELN and LIMS. Our services offer continuous support, including ongoing assistance and updates, ensuring that your systems are not only operational but also evolving with the latest industry standards and technological advancements. This blog explores the key activities of our ELN/LIMS Managed Services and demonstrates how our ITIL-based approach significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of these critical systems, keeping your organization’s ELN and LIMS in line with your evolving needs and the latest industry practices.

Schematic representation of Managed services activities followed in Excelra

Figure 1: Schematic representation of Managed services activities followed in Excelra


Incident/Service Request Management

Promptly addressing incidents and service requests is the key function of maintaining the system. To achieve this, we provide a centralized ticketing system that effectively prioritizes tickets based on their urgency and tracks their progress comprehensively. This system seamlessly integrates powerful tools like JIRA and ServiceNow, ensuring efficient reporting and resolution of issues. This integration empowers your team to report issues with ease.

Our systematic approach includes an initial level of support and issue triage. In this phase, we handle basic troubleshooting and promptly escalate more complex issues to our specialized experts. This stratification of support ensures that every ticket is handled by the most appropriate personnel. Furthermore, we give high priority to tickets based on their impact and urgency. This approach ensures that critical issues are addressed swiftly, minimizing any potential disruption to your operations.

Additionally, we focus on knowledge base creation and continuous improvement, capturing and sharing knowledge about resolving common issues to improve future support efficiency.

Configuration Management & System Administration

Improper configuration of ELN/LIMS systems can lead to data integrity issues, compliance failures, operational inefficiencies, and security vulnerabilities. We prevent these risks by maintaining and documenting system settings rigorously, ensuring their accuracy and compliance. Our proactive approach safeguards data integrity, streamlines system administration, and optimizes performance. We ensure that ELN/LIMS are configured for optimal performance, and custom-tailored to meet the unique workflow requirements and compliance standards. We manage system patches, upgrades, and security enhancements to maintain stability and security. Additionally, we ensure only authorized personnel have access to data, while robustly safeguarding sensitive information through careful management of user access and permissions.

Quality Management

Maintaining high standards of data quality and regulatory compliance is crucial in the life sciences industry. Our approach includes rigorous implementation of quality control measures, strict monitoring of data validation rules, and providing comprehensive user training. We manage version control and maintain detailed audit trails to ensure adherence to regulatory standards, such as those set by the FDA, ISO, and other regulatory bodies. Through our robust data governance practices, we ensure the accuracy, traceability, and security of your data. We collaborate closely with you to pinpoint and execute process improvements, thereby optimizing laboratory operations. Furthermore, our continuous monitoring system proactively identifies and addresses potential risks, ensuring ongoing reliability and safety.

Environment Management

Effectively managing environments like development, test/validation, and production requires a careful balance between isolation and integration. As managed service providers, we maintain this balance. We keep these environments distinct to prevent data contamination while facilitating the necessary integration for seamless operations. Our expertise ensures robust and secure infrastructure, whether in-house or cloud-based. We prioritize data security with secure backups and proactive disaster recovery plans. Additionally, our constant monitoring swiftly addresses potential issues, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

System & Integration

Integration of ELN/LIMS with other laboratory and enterprise systems can be a complex endeavor. We connect your ELN/LIMS with other systems for efficient data flow and streamlined workflows.  We build custom solutions to cater to your unique needs and data exchange requirements and automate data capture and transfer, minimizing manual work and errors. This holistic approach enables laboratories to leverage the full potential of their digital infrastructure.

Monitoring/Uptime Management

Downtime in laboratory operations can be costly and disruptive. Real-time alerts and notifications identify potential issues before they impact research, while comprehensive reports provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. This proactive approach minimizes downtime, ensuring laboratories can function efficiently around the clock.


Change Management

Change management in ELN/LIMS environments emphasizes minimizing disruptions during updates or modifications. This process involves meticulous planning, testing, and execution to maintain system stability and reliability. It includes assessing the impact of proposed changes, implementing them in a controlled manner, mitigating risks, and effectively communicating these changes to relevant stakeholders. This collective approach ensures a seamless transition and continuity in operations.

Problem Management

Proactive problem management tackles underlying issues in ELN/LIMS, empowering you to identify, analyze, and resolve persistent problems. We support you with root cause analysis, long-term solutions, and ongoing monitoring to ensure stability and eliminate roadblocks.

Service Level Management

Service Level Management involves creating service level agreements (SLAs) to define expectations and responsibilities between managed service providers and clients. Our assistance includes establishing SLAs with specific performance metrics and service standards to ensure transparency and accountability. We focus on clear agreements for uptime, response times, and resolution, alongside regular reporting, and performance reviews to provide transparent updates on service performance. Additionally, we are committed to the continuous improvement of service levels, working collaboratively to refine Service Level Management (SLM) to adapt to evolving needs.

How can we help you?

Our team of expert scientists and IT professionals possess an in-depth understanding of both ELN, LIMS and the unique challenges of research labs. We offer a comprehensive suite of managed services, tailored to your specific needs and budget. These services not only ensure the smooth functioning of ELN and LIMS but also contribute to the overall quality and accelerate your productivity of scientific research. As your reliable partner, we enable you to focus on groundbreaking research while we handle the intricacies of your lab’s digital infrastructure and data.

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