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Healthcare data structuring

KOL network intelligence plays a vital role in influencing and shaping treatment strategies.

We partner with pharma, biotech, healthcare, cosmetic, and medical device organizations to support their KOL identification-to-influence needs. Our enriched profiles of eminent global opinion leaders help our clients build 360° insights for improved patient outcomes.

KOL data landscape


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Medical devices/Assistive technologies
  • Cosmetics
  • Therapeutic area
  • Niche or focus area

Insight and influence

  • Authority
    Publications and affiliations
  • Activity
    Views, opinions, comments, and interactions
  • Assertiveness
    Key followers and interactions to shape policy


  • Practitioners
    Physicians, surgeons, specialists (cardiologists, endocrinologists, etc.,)
  • Caregivers
    Nurse practitioners
  • Experts
    Researchers with practice and a high academic pedigree
  • Influencers
    Authors, speakers, and digital influencers
Healthcare data structuring

Our approach

The secret of our KOL data curation

For a long time, the industry has lacked a standard approach to assess KOL data quality. But wherever there’s a problem, you can count on Excelra to provide a solution.

We’ve developed the eminence score – the most effective way to judge KOL data quality. Eminence drives our powerful data curation engine, ensuring accurate data to meet your objectives.

Applications of KOL content

Trial design

Selecting appropriate investigator or trial centers

  1. Investigator profiles
  2. Clinical trial organizations
  3. Network of investigators


Identify influencing community or patient pool

  1. Scientific experts or influencers
  2. Based on the therapeutic area or field of science

Patient care

Identify the right physicians or caregivers

  1. Practitioners
  2. Caregivers
  3. Providers, such as hospitals

Pharma marketing

Identify the right HCP to spread the word about new products and services

  1. Capitalize on “prescription power“
  2. Targeted product marketing based on demographics
  3. Improved patient outcomes

Data curation workflow

KOL Data Curation Workflow

Success story: Robust KOL data

We provide structured KOL data to power search platforms. Our data sets are delivered via custom ETL pipelines or reports to harmonize heterogeneous data from multiple sources and deliver exceptional data-to-value.

Use case

Our client was a US-based clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing specific immunotherapies against cancer.

With our KOL data – assessed with our unique eminance score system – the client built a comprehensive database with 360° insights on global KOLs to support its research efforts.

The data we provided included the following data points:

  • Status
  • Designation
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Profile URL
  • Listing URL
  • Supporting URL
  • Specialty
  • Organization name
  • Organization domain
  • Organization address
  • Organization Phone and email
  • Department name and title
  • Publications
  • Education
  • Biography
  • Research
  • PMID
  • DOI
  • Year of publication
  • Author name
  • Affiliation

Success story: Democratizing KOL data

Our data engineering and product development experts work with clients to identify their business needs and support the development of custom applications and visualizations for quick decision-making. Our digital and analytics-led approach allows client KOL data and insights ecosystems to drive higher engagement and improve business outcomes.

Use case

A US-based health analytics company required intelligence on active investigators and trial sites in oncology.

We built the client’s clinical suite with extensive organization and investigator data, including:

Organization information

  • Parent org. name
  • Parent URL
  • Parent org. NPI
  • Org. URL
  • Org. name
  • Org. address
  • Org. NPI
  • Org. site type
  • Trial level information

Investigator details

  • URL
  • NPI
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Practice Location

RA details

  • Research adm info URL
  • RA first name
  • RA last name
  • RA location
  • Contact details

Why Excelra

End-to-end solutions via a multi-functional team of domain and technology experts.

Relationship mapping and categorization for quick access and confident decision-making.

Enriched, high-quality data that works seamlessly with client’s internal systems.

Faster curation and harmonization of heterogenous KOL data.

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