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DNA-Encoded Libraries

Excelra: Your Guide to Untangling the DEL Data Labyrinth

Imagine sifting through trillions of possibilities, each a potential cure waiting to be discovered. That’s the exhilarating reality of DNA-Encoded Libraries (DELs), a technology revolutionizing drug discovery. But with this boundless power comes a massive challenge – deciphering big data generated by DEL experiments.

That’s where Excelra steps in. We’re data navigators, empowering researchers to conquer the DEL data deluge and unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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What are DELs?

Think of them as treasure troves brimming with billions of tiny molecules, each labeled with a unique DNA barcode. Researchers can screen these libraries against disease targets, and the barcodes reveal the “hit molecules” with the strongest binding potential. It’s like searching for needles in a haystack, but with a DNA-powered map!

Why Excelra

Unleash the full power of DELs

Excelra’s data analysis solutions unlock the true potential of DELs, accelerating your discovery process and opening doors to previously untreatable diseases.

Conquer Terabytes of Data

Our algorithms and customized pipelines handle terabytes of data with ease, transforming it into actionable insights that guide your research towards the most promising candidates.

Efficiency at

Analyse complex datasets at lightning speed, denoising the impact of false positives, pinpoint the molecules with the highest therapeutic potential and save valuable time and resources.

Data-Driven Insights

Our subject matter specialists will identify hidden patterns and trends from the avalanche of data, helping to optimize future DEL experiments and guide wiser research decisions.

Tackling the Challenges

Traditional analysis methods struggle with the sheer volume and complexity of DNA-encoded library technology.
Excelra’s solutions are built to handle this challenge:

Clean and Organize

We decontaminate and structure your data for meaningful analysis, ensuring clarity and accuracy.

Visualize and Explore

Uncover hidden patterns and relationships within the data through interactive visualizations, making complex insights easily digestible.

Predict and Model

Employ advanced algorithms to identify the most promising molecules and get biology-driven insights from our experts, guiding your research toward the most fruitful paths.

Case study

Development of a hit-calling algorithm on DEL selection data

Our client is a European pharma company focused on discovering and developing small-molecule medicines with novel modes of action. A key stage of their research demands the processing of sequenced data through a next-generation sequencing (NGS) pipeline.

The client’s DNA-encoded library (DEL) had a large volume of data but low compound coverage. A pragmatic statistical approach using differential gene expression was required to reliably detect true positives and avoid the obstacles caused by the data.

Excelra: Your Partner in Discovery

We stand beside researchers, not just as service providers, but as collaborators in the quest for groundbreaking cures.

Increased Hit Rate and Reduced False Positives

Focus resources on the most promising candidates, accelerating your path to clinical trials.

Optimized Library Design and Screening Approaches

Gain data-driven insights from our domain experts to build even more effective DELs and experiments, maximizing your discovery potential.

Accelerated Clinical Trials

Move promising drug candidates through the pipeline faster, bringing life-changing treatments to patients sooner.

Ready to embark on the DEL journey with Excelra? Contact us today and let’s unlock the secrets of these molecular treasure chests together. Turn data into discovery, and let’s rewrite the future of drug development.

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