Screening adverse-events -related data

Our client’s requirement

A European publishing house partnered with Excelra to update an adverse events database with recent, relevant, and reliable drug targets using Excelra’s manual curation services. Also, to use the curated content to iteratively improve the sensitivity of the client’s text-mining pipeline.

The client owns a proprietary tool for preclinical toxicity, clinical, and pharmacovigilance studies. It required the addition of accurate, up-to-date, and validated content on drugs and targets to its adverse events database. The update of the database needed to be facilitated by Excelra’s data-mining, classification, and excerption services. The validated content would then be used to improve the client’s text-mining pipeline.

Our approach

Excelra’s expert biocurators ran an in-depth, manual validation on the extracted PMIDs for adverse events. The validated PMIDs were then used to train the client’s text-mining pipeline and fine-tune its output.