Comprehensive analysis of putative drug targets and their comparison

A large pharma company requested for a comprehensive assessment on two new drug targets of interest which are the most abundantly expressed inhibitory Leukocyte immunoglobulin (Ig)-like receptors. Read how Excelra's in-depth analysis helped the pharma company facilitate early discovery phase decisions.

Client’s requirement:

Provide a holistic view of the targets coupled with comparative analysis of the targets to characterize their detailed role to facilitate early discovery phase decisions.

Our approach

The following aspects of the two targets were analyzed and compared.

  • Target function in healthy tissues as well as its association with disease(s)
  • Molecular pharmacology, target expression across human tissues/organs, species, gene alterations
    and target interactions with other proteins/genes
  • ON- and OFF- target safety assessment and de-risking strategies
    Competitor profile: Competitive landscape of drug development by stage (approved, clinical & pre-clinical drugs)
  • Recommendation of animal models and pre-clinical assays
  • Adverse events or toxicity data for compounds at any stage of development
  • Sequence, crystal structure, domains and homology modelling
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