30 alternate indications identified for six shelved compounds

A large pharma company was looking to expand its portfolio for six shelved assets (four failed in clinical development Phase II & III and two at the preclinical stage) using drug repurposing.

Client’s requirement

The partner was interested in identifying alternate indications for their assets by an integrated strategy. The
objective was to combine in silico analysis through Excelra’s proprietary platform with validation through wet
lab experiments. Indications corroborated through these two independent workflows would be prioritized.

Our approach

The six compounds were analyzed with a comprehensive in silico pipeline. This includes Excelra’s proprietary repurposing platform, ‘GRIP’ to generate a biological rationale for its use in new indications. Further, validation was conducted using a Multi-OMICS approach, conducted in a wet lab to provide a final list of indications per compound.

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