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GOBIOM (Global Online Biomarker Database) is the world’s largest manually curated database of validated and putative biomarkers, providing critical insights into the relationship between biomarker and disease. GOBIOM as a one-stop platform provides clinical and pre-clinical information on biochemical, genomic, imaging, metabolite, clinical scoring scales and cellular markers spanning across 18 different therapeutic areas. The database covers ~3400 therapeutic indications with reported utilities like diagnosis, prognosis, disease progression, treatment response, surrogate, efficacy and toxicity.

A proprietary tetrahedron model is adopted in the framework of database, which links biomarkers, indication, drug, target and study population for simplifying biomarker data analysis. Information in GOBIOM database is gathered from diverse data sources which include clinical trials, scientific conferences, regulatory-approved documents, literature databases, patents etc.

GOBIOM Features

Primary emphasis lays in connecting the biomarker data with analytics enabling faster access to precise actionable information. Querying the database is easier using different search options like Quick search, Basic search, Advanced search and Batch query. Enhanced user experience is facilitated by coupling the search results with visualization to derive meaningful insights. One of the critical highlights is the comprehensive and structured reports such as the biomarker report, disease report, drug report, and biomarker indication reports with integrated filtering and search options.

The database has customized sections for Variant-PGx, disease enrichment markers, marker-marker correlation, biomarker expression profile, drug labels, and approved diagnostics. A host of diverse analytics tools like comparative analysis, heatmap and cluster analysis, gene variant analysis, dashboards and chromosomal view offer deeper insights, intelligence and innovation in biomarker discovery. Equipped with the advanced microservice architecture GOBIOM offers added value in terms of high-quality content, user-friendly UI, intuitive reports, powerful analytics, and eye-catching visualizations.

Real world applications of GOBIOM

GOBIOM can help address the following real-world questions in clinical research and drug development:

  • Insights on translational, emerging and established biomarkers
  • Identify proteins/genes targeted by drugs
  • Identification of biological pathways in which biomarkers are involved
  • Select patients who are likely to respond to treatment
  • Identify efficacy biomarkers of drugs for effective designing of clinical trials
  • Select safety biomarkers to understand the toxicity profile of drugs
  • Identification of biomarkers predictive of drug resistance and failure of treatment
  • Find biomarkers indicative of disease progression and for monitoring of disease
  • Understand the competitive landscape in a given therapeutic area or a specific indication
  • Selection of pre-clinical/animal models that are used to evaluate safety and efficacy of biomarkers
  • Insights on probable off-label use of approved drugs in other indications
  • Track pre-clinical to clinical translation of a biomarker

Who does GOBIOM benefit?

GOBIOM caters to biomarker research needs of diverse scientific community comprising system biologists, clinical/pre-clinical scientists, translational researchers, clinical development teams, pharmacology/toxicology researchers and diagnostics development teams across varied customer segments including Pharma, Diagnostics, Academics, Research institutes, Biotechnology, and AI/ML companies. It is a powerful solutioning platform addressing critical questions in the R&D cycle from drug discovery to clinical development.


The drug development process is complex and expensive, owing to the lack of access to appropriate data. Clinical research should address the entire disease process, from risk, through diagnosis to treatment and outcome. The true value of a biomarker database should be measured by the critical questions that it can address for the success of the clinical trials and accelerating drug development. The high-quality GOBIOM biomarker intelligence platform can be utilized for informed clinical and therapeutic decision making.

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