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Intelligent quantitative systems pharmacology (iQSP)

Quantitative systems pharmacology models have the power to dramatically accelerate your biomedical research. They reveal hidden interactions between drugs and biological systems, informing confident, expeditious decisions. But QSP insights are only as good as the data being modeled.

Don’t compromise. Optimize your QSP projects with our exceptional analysis-ready data.

Powerful engines need premium fuel

Your QSP models can illuminate the relationships between biological systems, disease processes, and drug pharmacology. They can generate comprehensive hypotheses in silico that lead to transformative clinical experiments and effective new therapies.

They are powerful engines of discovery, but like all engines, their performance is degraded by low-quality, unrefined fuel.

The fuel you need is enriched, calibrated, context-specific data. We call it intelligent data. It’s comprehensive, flexibly structured, and analysis-ready. With our iQSP data, you’ll execute accurate simulations that guide you confidently to your next valuable discovery.

What do we capture?

Clinical variables

  • Study design, N, control
  • Patient characteristics and demographics
  • Temporal characteristics (interactions between healthy state, disease states, disease stage, and severity)

Data types: Clinical trial ID, publication ID, source, inclusion criteria, and exclusion criteria.

Biology / pre-clinical / translational variables

  • Dynamics of cells, biomolecules, and omics
  • Biological processes and pathways in tissues
  • Human, clinical, and in vitro (on demand)

Data types: Endpoint nature, threshold, matrix, measurements, biomarker type, pathways, and assay/method.

Pharmacology variables

  • Rx of interest to be predicated and SOC for validation and dosage regimen
  • Pharmacokinetics (PK) (systemic and target exposure)
  • Pharmacodynamics (PD) and clinical outcomes (measures of safety and efficacy)

Data types: Therapeutic agents, treatment arms, and cohort details.

Applications of our iQSP data

QSP models

Are you ready to power your models with iQSP data?

You understand the power of quantitative systems pharmacology. You just need data that are as intelligent as your QSP models. Find out how our iQSP can turbocharge your research engines.

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Our approach

Our process follows the PICOS framework



What does the question relate to?



Can be a therapy, diagnostic test, prognostic factor, or issue



Can be another intervention, diagnostic test, placebo, or usual/standard care



What does the question relate to?



Decide on study designs best able to answer your question type
(therapy, diagnostic, prognostic, etiologic, harm, etc.)

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