Seamless Data Migration to Benchling: A case study in biotech innovation

Our client’s requirement

An EU-based mid-sized pharmaceutical company specializing in research and development, prides itself on its commitment to innovation and excellence in scientific endeavours. They aimed to streamline data management and analysis processes by centralizing target discovery data on Benchling, striving for improved efficiency and accuracy in research activities. However, they faced hurdles in consolidating data from excel and databases into Benchling, mapping it with inventory, crafting a meticulous migration plan, and ensuring rigorous data tracking, leading to potential delays and disruptions in ongoing research activities. Consequently, the company experienced hindered productivity, increased costs associated with manual efforts, and accuracy concerns, impacting their ability to effectively leverage their data for research and development initiatives.

Our approach

The implementation process involved a two-phase approach to ensure a smooth and accurate data migration. With Phase 1 being Data Validation and Preparation and Phase 2 being Data Migration to Benchling. Read the case study to get more insight into Excelra’s approach.

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