Re-analysing database for novel targets

Revitalizing Targets By Reshaping Biotech with Enhanced siRNA Insights

Our client’s requirement

Our client, a prominent player in the Biotech industry based in the EU, collaborated with Excelra for a transformative initiative to reanalyze their database for siRNA targets. Their objectives included the meticulous identification and selection of siRNA on/off-targets, conducting in-depth pathway/network analysis, and integrating these insights with toxicity screening data. The aim was to gain comprehensive knowledge of molecular pathways and potential therapeutic targets.

Our approach

Our strategy revolved around conducting precise siRNA hit calling and discerning on/off-target interactions. We meticulously curated a selection of siRNA candidates for subsequent toxicity screening, defining crucial thresholds for cell viability, toxicity, and household gene stability. Our approach aimed to provide detailed insights into the complexities of on/off-target interactions, empowering our client with refined target selections.

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