Enterprise Ontologies and Scientific data management: Scibite CENtree with Benchling

Our client’s requirement

Renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to the pharmaceutical industry, Scibite is a leading EU-based pharmaceutical company and a pioneer in developing innovative drug discovery and development solutions. It prides itself on its commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and improving patient outcomes. The client aimed to enhance productivity and data accuracy by streamlining ontology integration and scientific data management within the Benchling platform. However, they faced challenges in efficiently implementing an ontology management platform, updating ontology entities, pushing updates to Benchling, and migrating legacy data, resulting in prolonged processes and potential data inconsistencies. Consequently, the company experienced delays in data management processes, increased operational costs, and possible inaccuracies in scientific data, hindering its ability to drive innovation and accelerate drug development timelines.

Our approach

Our qualified scientists and data engineers have devised a 3 step comprehensive approach – Evaluation of the Ontology Management System, Building Controlled Vocabulary, and Pushing Updated Entities to Benchling. Read the case study to get more insight into Excelra’s approach.

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