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The Drug-Target Interaction Heatmap

A heatmap is a two-dimensional data visualization approach that displays the magnitude of a phenomenon as color. The color shift might be via hue or intensity, giving the reader clear visual indications about how the occurrence is clustered or evolves over space. Heatmaps are classified into two types: cluster heatmaps and spatial heatmaps. The sorting of rows and columns is intentional and somewhat arbitrary in a clustered heatmap, and the magnitudes are laid out into a matrix of fixed cell size whose rows and columns are discrete phenomena and categories, to suggest clusters or portray them as discovered via statistical analysis. The cell size is arbitrary, but it must be large enough to be seen. The position of a magnitude on a spatial heatmap, on the other hand, is determined by its location in that space, and there is no concept of cells; the phenomena are assumed to change continuously.

Data scientists and data analysts examine and determine essential links and characteristics among different points in a dataset, as well as aspects of those data points when working with small and large datasets. Heatmaps depict these data points and their interactions in a high-dimensional context without becoming excessively compressed and visually unpleasant. In data analysis, heatmaps enable specific variables of rows and/or columns to be plotted on the axes.

The drug-target interaction heatmap facilitates decision-making about the potential off-target activity of drug candidates early in the new drug development and drug repurposing workflows. In terms of important factors, a heatmap provides a clear picture of the interactions between drugs and their targets. This allows for the quick identification of the most important interactions.

GOSTAR presents these findings in a visually intuitive manner, allowing end-users to easily interpret the data and draw conclusions.

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