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its structure-activity relationship application, with an innovative set of new features to accelerate the drug discovery cycle

HYDERABAD, August 23, 2021 – Today, Excelra, a global data science and data analytics company, unveiled an improved version of GOSTAR®, its flagship chemistry insights engine. The enhancements offer advanced search, analysis, and visualization capabilities enabling drug discovery scientists to accelerate the hit identification and lead optimization process.

Drug discovery researchers need to ensure that they are getting the broadest possible view of structure-activity data while being able to readily drill down to the most meaningful data points. The new GOSTAR® version has been re-envisioned based on extensive user feedback to provide researchers with an intuitive interface that reduces time to market for new drugs. It incorporates analytical capabilities, eliminating the need to use multiple tools to assess compounds while also providing insights directly within the application. The result is a rapid and more confident decision-making process.” said Norman Azoulay, Director, Scientific Products.

GOSTAR®’s industry-leading capabilities include:

  • Advanced Search: Discover insights faster with dynamic, flexible, and interactive search capabilities
  • SAR View: View, sort, and export structures based on activity against targets of interest
  • Analytics: Compare compounds and perform Molecular pair, maximum common substructure, and ligand efficiency vs. ligand-lipophilicity efficiency analyses

All data in GOSTAR®, which now includes over 8 million compounds, along with bioactivity data, is subjected to a three-tiered, QMS-ISO certified quality control process. The standardization and normalization of all data provide additional clarity while ensuring it is directly and readily comparable.

Excelra aims to transform life science data into actionable insights for our R&D clients. The enhancements made to GOSTAR® will improve the ability to make meaningful predictions and lead to more promising pipelines.” said Anandbir Singh Brar, Chief Executive Officer, Excelra.

GOSTAR® is available as an application for users to seek, find, and discover compounds. In addition, it is offered via APIs and as a downloadable dataset to power in-house libraries and machine learning models.

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About Excelra

Excelra’s data and analytics solutions empower innovation in life sciences from molecule to market. The Excelra Edge comes from a seamless amalgamation of proprietary data assets, domain expertise and, data science to accelerate drug discovery and development.

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