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Drug Discovery

Target Dossier Services

Target identification is an essential first step toward the discovery and development of any new therapeutic. Consequently, successful pharma organizations perform due diligence around a target of interest before embarking on the long, time-consuming, expensive and high-risk endeavor of drug development. It is therefore essential to establish a link between the target and the disease with an overlap between mechanism of action of the drug and disease pathophysiology. Ultimately, clinical translatability to ensure that a drug’s activity against the target is efficacious with minimal side effects, marks the crucial difference between success and failure of drug development.

Excelra’ s Custom Target Dossier Services

Excelra is strongly positioned to deliver tailor-made target assessment dossiers based on unique requirements of our global Biotech and Pharma clients. The dossier is a compendium of information on the complete target profile including structural, systemic and functional aspects of a protein and the gene-encoding it.

To facilitate critical ‘Go/No-go decision making’, we provide a 360-degree view of a target detailing:

  1. Role in healthy tissues as well as its association with disease(s).
  2. Molecular pharmacology, target expression across human tissues/organs, species, gene alterations and target interactions with other proteins/genes.
  3. Competitive landscape of drug development by stage (approved, clinical & pre-clinical drugs).
  4. Adverse events or toxicity data for compounds at any stage of development.
  5. ON- and OFF- target safety assessment and de-risking strategies.

With a host of additional features, Excelra’s custom target dossier reports provide actionable insights that apply to various use-case scenarios in drug discovery and development, as detailed below.