Custom annotation of public single-cell data offers opportunities for target identification

Revealing Hidden Microglia Traits for Targeted Therapeutics

Our client’s requirement

Our client, a Partner Research Organization based in Europe, partnered with Excelra to explore uncharted therapeutic avenues by meticulously characterizing diverse microglia phenotypes. Their goal was to uncover potential therapeutic targets within these specialized cells, driving advancements in neurological interventions. Emphasizing the discovery of nuanced traits, this effort aimed to reveal novel treatments, leveraging a comprehensive understanding of microglia diversity for therapeutic innovation.

Our approach

Our approach involved synthesizing information from six distinct public single-cell RNA sequencing datasets. By implementing advanced clustering methodologies, we aimed to comprehensively identify various microglia phenotypes. Subsequently, the identification of marker genes facilitated the nuanced differentiation of these phenotypes. Additionally, employing differential gene expression analysis enabled us to precisely discern and characterize the unique traits exhibited by different microglia phenotypes. This methodical approach allowed us to uncover previously undiscovered facets of microglia diversity, providing novel insights into potential therapeutic targets.

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