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Semantic Partner for the Lifesciences Industry

State-of-the-art semantic technology from Excelra helps biopharma organizations to create knowledge graphs with connected data for better decision-making during the drug development process. Custom-fit solutions with cleansed and FAIRified data offer accurate insights for improved ontology management, knowledge graph development and machine learning models.

Excelra’s data management ecosystem enables the dismantling of data silos and empowers the integration and standardization of data from disparate sources.

We collaborate with pharma and biotech companies to build and manage customized knowledge graphs by leveraging our understanding of the biomedical data domain. It enables faster and more accurate results and inferences for novel discoveries.

Our deep domain expertise and consultative approach make us a preferred partner for both the bench scientists navigating complex data landscapes and data stewards building next-gen, tech-led knowledge ecosystems.

Transforming your data into knowledge

Semantic Data Strategy

Semantic data modelling
Legacy data transformation
Data FAIRification
Semantic search
Custom data curation
Customized data analysis & interpretation
Meta data strategy
Ontology mapping and management

Supports integration of

biomedical databases
edge types

Providing you the initial building blocks

Proprietary Knowledge Graph

Custom target schema development
Existing experience with multiple sources via EBKG
Domain context-based knowledge graph creation
Personalized query set-up
Linking of knowledge graphs to machine learning models
Support for specific use cases
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Supports integration of

biomedical databases
biomedical concepts
edge types

What Makes Us the Partner of Choice?
We Speak Your Language


Cross-functional Teams

  • Domain experts well-versed in disease ontologies, use cases and data entities
  • Semantic experts with deep technical expertise and experience in biopharma
  • Data analysts and engineers for custom solutions deployable on cloud


Ready-to-use Mapping Libraries

  • 15+ biomedical concepts covered
  • Knowledge of limitations and gaps in public datasets


Rich Experience

  • Large pharma clients in US and Europe
  • Wide ranging engagements (data integration, ontology management, semantic modeling, graph databases, NER technology, data FAIRification)

Our Approach

We take care of the nuts and bolts of your semantic framework and knowledge graph development. It leaves your team to do what it does best – find novel therapies.

Semantic Case Studies

How we have made an impact in our
customers’ scientific advancement

Knowledge Graph Workflow & Development

Our team implemented an end-to-end workflow, starting with an evaluation of the FAIRness of the data and a target schema for a knowledge graph in collaboration with domain & ontology experts and the customer. Built pipelines to transform and standardize the data into a knowledge graph. Enabled end-users to query and visualize it using (Service Oriented Architecture) SOA Triplestore.

Ontology Management System

Consulted with the customer to help them onboard an ontology management system (OMS) in their ecosystem by evaluating the Semantic SOA. Advised and implemented optimization strategies for the OMS to recognize the best fit for the customer use cases of ontologies and FAIR data. Advised the customer on the standards in controlled vocabularies, data models, harmonization and mapping of metadata.

Clinical Trial Data Disambiguation

Developed FAIR MDM pipelines to address ambiguity in internal clinical trial site data. Specifically in the names of sponsors, investigators and the sites. This was then standardized to make it available to the end-users in a Graph database.

Ready for the next step?

Analyze, classify and find new potential drug targets and applications by navigating complex data landscapes with Excelra’s semantic solutions.