Excelra partners with specialized information providers to enhance the value of their current offerings, develop new products, and improve internal knowledge management practices while reducing cost, gaining process efficiencies and maximizing ROI.

Our multidisciplinary teams of advanced subject matter experts and IT professionals develop customized and scalable process outsourcing solutions, as well as one-off projects, that address specific challenges in today's complex and rapidly changing information provider environment.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Abstracting and Indexing
  • Content Enrichment and Metadata Development
  • Knowledge and Data Management
  • Text and Data Mining
  • Analytics and IT Services
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Content Development

Excelra's extensive team of specialized Subject Matter Experts create summaries of research articles, books, chapters, patents, technical documents and non-textual content such as video and images. Content abstraction services adhere to strict specifications and guidelines from the client, and can be delivered with keywords and other descriptive metadata.

Documents and other content assets are indexed with descriptive keywords representing the essence of the information presented. Subject specific taxonomies and controlled vocabularies can be applied, along with terms from the document or provided by a subject matter expert.

Enriching content with deep, subject specific metadata (advanced indexing) improves search, discoverability, and makes information more accessible and user friendly. This enhances its value to the user, attracts new users, and increases potential ROI. Excelra's experts develop descriptive and semantic metadata via deep level, subject specific indexing for both textual and non-textual content, using proprietary and publicly available subject specific taxonomies, ontologies, dictionaries, and medical coding languages for identifying, tagging and mapping concepts, products, conditions, outcomes, and other entities, all curated by dedicated teams of subject matter experts.

Excelra's team of IT and data management experts work with clients to source and build custom data solutions including databases, interfaces, analytical and visualization tools that facilitate scientific research, business analysis, and new product offerings. Services include:

  • Database development, migration, integration
  • Cleansing, Structuring, Disambiguation of data sets
  • Mining and integration of external unstructured data
  • Ongoing curation and updating of data
  • Development of custom workflow tools or working within client environments.

Applying expert human intervention to the identification and extraction of data and other Knowledge Assets from disparate sources of scientific information (articles, books, patents, conference proceedings, web content, regulatory documents, lab notes, etc.) lies at the heart of the value Excelra offers to its highly discerning clients. Highly specialized and fast evolving information in science, technology and medicine require levels of accuracy and nuance machines alone cannot deliver.

Hundreds of Subject Matter/Domain Experts with advanced degrees (Masters level and PhD) manage and execute highly specialized projects in Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Medicine, Engineering and Technology. Dedicated teams are developed for each project and process a variety of custom deliverables for clients, such as:

  • Chemical indexing
  • Reaction analysis
  • Structure drawing
  • Biological abstracting, indexing and annotation
  • Medical Indexing and Coding
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