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Product Design and Development

Unlocking the Potential of
Open Targets with Excelra

Empower your research endeavours with Excelra’s tailored solutions, designed to enhance the accessibility and usability of the Open Targets platform. As a key player in overcoming usability hurdles, we specialize in customizing the Open Targets platform to meet the unique needs of Pharma-Biotech customers, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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product usage




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Dive into our enhanced solution and experience the difference firsthand.

Our Solutions

  • Generate reports effortlessly with our admin-friendly report-generation feature.
  • Seamlessly access internal databases and external data sources via added internal links.
  • Utilize the Mendelian Randomization Section and plots for deeper insights.
  • Enjoy vertical menu integration for intuitive navigation.
  • Bookmark and share URLs for enhanced collaboration.
  • Utilize APIs for accessible data and plot sharing.
  • Experience tab navigation for effortless access to crucial features.
  • Utilize navigation history/breadcrumbs for easy retracing of your user journey.
  • Discover enhanced button positioning and grouping for streamlined accessibility.
  • Benefit from new features, including summary charts and database integration, facilitating comprehensive data exploration.
  • Explore a redesigned summary page offering dynamic information.
  • Access additional filter options for seamless data navigation.
  • Integrate Experimental Factor Ontology for efficient disease search functionality.
  • Explore comprehensive case studies.
Case Study

Technology Stack

Front End

API Development

HTML Report

Data Visualization

Fetch data

SSO Authentication

Connect with us to unlock the full potential of Open Targets.

Our Approach

Understanding User Demographics

Empathizing with our users, we’ve created a sitemap inspired by metro maps, ensuring a familiar and intuitive experience. Our user-centric approach includes lines representing visualizations and stations specific to each category, allowing seamless navigation between charts.

Explore Case Studies

Delve into our comprehensive case studies browser, offering step-by-step illustrations on utilizing the application for new studies. Reverse-engineered publications provide insights into objectives and methods, bridging accessibility gaps and facilitating efficient research.


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