GOBIOM is a comprehensive repository of biomarkers reported in Pre-clinical, Clinical and Exploratory phases.

Each biomarker is linked to its therapeutic area, target and drug. GOBIOM contains information on Biochemical, Genomic, Imaging, Metabolite, Clinical Scoring Scales and Cellular Markers for 18 different therapeutic areas covering 1,800 plus therapeutic indications.

The biomarkers have reported utilities for diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring disease progression, treatment response, surrogate, efficacy and toxicity.

GOBIOM is developed in collaboration with the USFDA and a big pharma.

  • Identify biomarkers impacting your business/research
  • Evaluate key biomarker reports emerging from clinical, pre-clinical and exploratory studies
  • Discover studies reporting novel biomarkers for disease detection, patient stratification and treatment response
  • Understand the biomarker-related clinical trial landscape
  • Uncover biomarker validation studies presented at recent scientific meetings
  • Track the companion diagnostics approved by various regulatory authorities
  • Assess biomarker-based screening tests
  • Web-enabled search application for quick and easy access
  • Search as per biomarker name, indication, assay methodology, end points, intervention, study population etc.
  • Manual curation of biomarker data
  • Controlled vocabulary through out
  • Instant generation of "Biomarker Report"
  • Export data in desired format - Excel, XML or PDF
  • Biweekly updates with auto alert function
  • "Alert a Colleague" option to share the data with other users
  • Set custom alerts by therapeutic area or biomarker name
  • A dedicated server located in USA with backup server in India
  • Easy integration with client proprietary data
  • Alerts for addition of new markers and updates on existing ones
  • Set customized alerts for specific marker addition
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • On-demand training sessions
  • 24/7 online support

GOBIOM curates all information manually with controlled ontology from:

  • Published Patents
  • Journals
  • Clinical Trial Registries
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Pubmed Databases
  • Scientific Conferences
  • Systems biologists
  • Pre-clinical and clinical scientists
  • Translational researchers
  • Clinical development teams
  • Pharmacology & toxicology teams
  • Diagnostics development teams
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