GOSTAR is a comprehensive SAR database that has 7 million compounds, 24 million SAR points screened from 2.2 million patents and 331,000 journals with comprehensive coverage of biological and chemical space.

It provides information on SAR, ADME, Toxicity, Preclinical, Clinical, and Structural data. GOSTAR is a manually curated database that was developed in-house by over 200 scientists. It is used by some of the leading drug discovery teams from major Pharmaceuticals, academics and Biotech companies across the globe.

Database Content Highlights

Chemical Data

Smiles, Toxic Structures/Metabolites, InChi, Lipinski Data, CAS No, Compound Names & Synonyms, Scaffolds, Frame works, Ring systems, Core group, Natural Products

Biological data

  • Binding, in-vitro & in-vivo Assays - proteins with synonyms, cell-lines, source, official names, gene/entrez ID, PDBID
  • ADME - species, metabolite enzymes, mode of conversion, CYP enzymes
  • Toxicity - general & organ specific toxicity with metabolites data
  • Clinical data - adverse events, drug-drug interactions, study design, ROA & ROE
  • Standard ontology for therapeutic area (ICD-10), adverse events (MedDRA), proteins (NCBI)

Bibliography Data

Published Patents, Journals, Authors, PUBMED ID, DOI & company names, mergers and acquisition data

Data Coverage

  • Over 7 million compounds with 24 million SAR points 342,392 journal articles from 1959
  • 79,148 Patents from 1970, product leaflets, EPAR documents, websites, posters and conferences
  • Compounds in development/approved drugs : 33,620
  • Compounds with Mechanism Based Toxicity : 28,305
  • Access the desired information across the Chemical, Biological, Pharmacological and Therapeutic space
  • Get comprehensive results showing SAR data from different references in a single window
  • Evaluate using analytical tools assisting in Target validation, Off-target analysis, Lead optimization, Scaffold hopping etc
  • Use the extendable/scalable schema to integrate with other related databases
  • Get competitive intelligence
  • Access online
  • Multiple search options, search by 50+ data fields
  • Normalization/standardization of data fields
  • Extensive cross references
  • Multiple result views
  • Inbuilt Analysis and structure drawing tools
  • Controlled vocabulary through out
  • Export data in desired format - SD file, RDF file, Excel, XML and CSV
  • Share saved query with other users
  • User search analysis confidentiality
  • Dedicated server in USA with backup server in India
  • Easy integration with client proprietary data
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Monthly updates
  • On-demand training sessions
  • 24/7 online support
  • Immediate access to published literature
  • Virtual screening (compound prioritisation for screening)
  • Design predictive models (QSARs, Pharmacophore models)
  • Patent busting
  • Selectivity and activity optimization
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Novelty analysis

GOSTAR curates all information manually with controlled ontology from:

  • Published Patents
  • Medicinal Chemistry Journals
  • Clinical Trial Registries
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Scientific Conferences
  • Medicinal chemist
  • Computational chemist
  • Preclinical and clinical scientists
  • Translational researchers
  • Pharmacologist
  • Toxicologist
  • Biologist
  • Patent attorneys
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