Drug Repurposing (DRx), also known as Drug Repositioning and Drug Re-Profiling is the strategy to identify alternate therapeutic uses for existing compounds, marketed drugs, failed candidates or clinical candidates. It is rapidly emerging as the most preferred route for launching new treatment agent's within a short period of time.

At Excelra, we utilize our proprietary technology, GRIP-Global Repurposing Integrated Platform to help our collaborators in their ongoing R & D efforts to build clinically rich pipeline and provide therapies to patients. We have been able to complete 60+ projects in this space with varied success in experimental validation and moving the assets forward into the clinics.


  • Integrated repurposing database
  • Drug-Target-Disease data marts
  • 8 unique algorithms
  • Analytics and visualization tools

As opposed to normal drug development, repurposing of existing drugs takes less time and involves lesser cost and resources. Moreover, the repurposed drugs have reduced risk of toxicology and low risk of failure.

DRx strategy offers great potential for the pharma industry to increase the R & D productivity which gets stalled due to drug attrition rate, patent expiry or change in therapeutic strategy to pursue the candidate. Excelra is open to collaborate with partners who are interested in utilizing our platform for various needs and applications.


  • Drug centric repurposing
  • Target centric repurposing
  • Disease centric repurposing

To explore our services, write to us at marcom@excelra.com

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