A Comprehensive Platform to enable your Drug Discovery Research

Excelra has been working with pharma and biotech companies to support their R & D efforts across the drug discovery value chain. Our integrated drug discovery platform constitutes of a combination of our flagship knowledgebases and customized solutions.

Drug Discovery Solutions across the entire spectrum:

Our Drug Discovery Platform (DDPx) has been able to create value for our partners that have led to novel discoveries and help advance the program forward in the pipeline.

  • Identification of novel targets
  • Designing of new compounds
  • Understanding mechanism of action (MOA)
  • Predict potential biomarkers
  • Utilize knowledgebases based on compound, target and disease information across the drug discovery and development portfolio


  • Analytics engine
  • Predictive tools
  • 7+ million unique chemical compounds
  • 10+ million drug-target-disease associations
  • 86,000 unique Biomarkers
  • Design of novel chemical compounds

To explore our services, write to us at info@excelra.com

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