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Purpose of the role
This role is responsible for accurately gathering and recordingchemistry related (Reaction analysis/ Narratives/ Indexing) data from patents/journals/client documents in client specified formatmeeting individual productivity and accuracy targets.
Designation Curator
Grade and Level A1/A2
Role type (Primary level of contribution) Individual Contributor
Business Unit (P&L) Informatics
Job Function Chemistry Services
Job Family (Specific sub-function) Curation
Location (City name) Hyderabad - IDA Uppal, Plot No.6, Survey No.1
Job Responsibilities

Data Curation:

  • Clearly understand curation protocol/ specifications from Supervisor
  • Copy source data from internal server and Coordinate with team lead/ bio-IT to convert documents into a readable format for curation.
  • Analyze content of source documents to capture relevant information and record this information in internal tool as per client specified protocol
    • Narratives: Analyzes and maps each reaction with transcript file provided by the client and captures relevant information in Desktop Tool. Data captured typically includes
      • The complete experimental procedure
      • Reaction yields of various compounds with structures/IUPAC names
      • Physical or analytical data.
    • Reaction Analysis: Analyzes experimental procedures and schemes from source documents as per client specified guidelines. Data captured typically includes
      • Reaction components: Products, reactants, agents, solvents and catalysts
      • Reaction conditions: Temparature, time, pH, pressure etc.
      • Analytical data: 1H-NMR, Mp, 13C NMR, etc.
    • Indexing: Analyzes source documents and records keyword strings, chemical substance indexing, key ideas and text description and process data in ASCII file format that are related to key finding/discoveries of papers in area of Biological Sciences
  • Coordinate with team lead/ Bio-IT to resolve issues with internal tools
  • Accurately curate rejected tasks/ make corrections identified during review or QC process within specified timelines
  • Submit data for review on online tool
  • Clarify any queries with team lead/ supervisor. Typical queries include
    • Narratives: Mismatch of structures, incorrect reagent structures, situations deviating from general protocol
    • Reactions: Mechanism of reactions and roles of chemicals, situations deviating from general protocol
    • Indexing: Mismatch of document titles, incomplete source documents, situations deviating from protocol

Training and Continuous Knowledge Improvement:

Enhance scientific subject matter expertise (On organic chemistry and synthesis), knowledge of internal tools and productivity, through regular domain trainings/ tool trainings/ one on one trainings with supervisor

Relationships around the role
Reporting to (Business) Delivery Manager/ Team Lead
Reporting to (Matrix) NA
No. of Reportees Direct: 0, Indirect: 0
Key External Stakeholder(s) Client
Key Internal Stakeholder(s) IT Support Team, Bio IT Team
Competencies critical for the role
Scientific/ Technical
Competencies Proficiency level
1. Knowledge of Chemistry Basic
2. Knowledge of related Scientific Databases (e.g. Scifinder, Reaxys, Chemfinder, PubChem) Basic
3. Computer skills and knowledge of relevant software (e.g. Chemdraw, ISIS Base) Basic
4. Knowledge of Chemical Reaction and Synthetic Chemistry Basic
To be updated  
Academic qualifications and experience required for the role
Educational Qualifications M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic/ Inorganic/ Analytical/ Polymer)
Relevant experience 0 - 2 years
Additional Requirements NA
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