We enable intelligent decision making through the power of data and analytics.

We are Excelra!

About Us

What makes us different:

  • Rich Industry Experience– Formerly as a part of GVKBio, Excelra has been offering services for close to 20 years
  • A mature and efficient high-quality human curatorial engine powered by domain experts (Masters, PhDs, PostDocs) to ensure high-quality curation of various types of scientific data
  • Experience in handling large volumes of unstructured data from various channels and enabling standardization and interoperability to transform messy heterogeneous information into analysis-ready structured ‘big data’.
  • Large and growing proprietary structured datasets across drug chemistry, biomarkers and clinical outcomes which are a result of more than a decade of meticulous curation.
  • Analytics capabilities ranging from Bioinformatics, Computational Biology/Chemistry, Machine Learning/AI to leverage in-house and external public and proprietary data sources to extract critical insights across the life sciences value chain.
  • Customer-Relationships – Excelra over the years has developed a satisfied pedigreed customer base which includes leaders in scientific publishing and Top 20 Global Pharma.

Outcomes we deliver:

Excelra provides a wide range of data and analytical solutions helping Biopharma companies in medicinal and computational chemistry, target identification, drug discovery, drug repurposing, indication prioritization, biomarker identification, patient stratification, clinical outcomes modelling and meta-analysis, clinical trial design and go/no-go decision, health economics outcomes research and market access.

Our Values:

Innovation: We strive to bring innovation to our everyday work life. We take on challenges and believe that innovating our thought processes will bring in excellence in the outcomes we drive.

Integrity:Integrity is the core value we demonstrate. It’s imperative for us to deliver on our promises and live up to the credibility that Excelra is known for.

Perseverance: At Excelra, we are purpose driven. We will do whatever it takes to achieve a goal. Our employees are extremely dedicated, consistent and have the right attitude to deliver expectations. Our motto is ‘Never give up!’

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