Accelerate your Translational Discovery efforts

In the era of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, large datasets need to be mustered, analyzed and predicted in order to have a differentiated strategy with deep insights into unknown areas of research. Excelra's strengths in big data and predictive analytics allows researchers to go further from the reported biomarkers in the literature with priority on clinical significance.

At Excelra's Biomarker Discovery service, we provide the optimal solutions to our collaborators by combining our proprietary biomarker database-GOBIOM and computational biology services to enhance the insights by performing data analytics.

Right Biomarker for Right Trial


  • 80,000+ Biomarkers (type, phase, therapeutic area etc.)
  • Disease agnostic
  • Custom pipelines to analyze data from various OMICS approaches
  • Data integration and processing to create custom solutions
  • Predict MOA and involvement of variants in disease pathophysiology

Tailor-made Biomarkers

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